Annex Investments has partnered with Entrepreneurship Sports Generation to bring UAE entrepreneurs a unique global pitch competition that aims to reimagine Entrepreneurship As SportTM through a uniquely designed year-long multi-level and tier competition consisting of City, National and Confederation events that concludes with an action-packed Global Finals hosted at the virtual tGELF stadium.

Together Annex Investments and Entrepreneurship Sports Generation (ESG) are bringing ESG to the UAE and will be hosting the ESG UAE National Finals. Through this partnership, Annex Investments and ESG hope to advance a collective mission of conscious entrepreneurship in every part of the world and get everyone involved in the United Nations supported #WorldsToDoList campaign!

ESG, a flagship initiative of The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (tGELF), is a global, sportified entrepreneurship tournament that seeks to provide the most promising entrepreneurs with a platform to unleash their potential and achieve global scale. This movement focuses on advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by fostering conscious entrepreneurship, energizing entrepreneurship ecosystems and inculcating an entrepreneurial mindset in the next generation.

In its first two years, ESG has engaged with 600,000 entrepreneurs from over 190 countries representing more than 31 industries ranging from Spacetech, Nanotechnology, Agritech, and Foodtech to AI, Mental Health, Nuclear Energy, Edtech, Waste Management, and others. Together with a partner network partners, ESG has curated 600 million dollars worth of rewards (including from companies like Amazon, Stripe, and Oracle) for these entrepreneurs in the areas of Cloud Computing, Finance and Accounting, CRMs and Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Hiring and People, Outsourcing and Agencies, and Legal. The past two seasons of made-for-TV ESG Global Finals Show garnered over 50 million views and can be streamed on major media platforms. ESG Global Finalists and winners have gone on to become global pioneers and market leaders. Pangaia, ESG 2020 Growth Stage Winner, a disruptive force in the sustainable fashion industry has become a unicorn.

ESG is amplifying impact through partners and local communities. The global, regional, and local ESG Human Architecture and our Partnership Ecosystem will promote and support active community engagement to stimulate conscious entrepreneurship at scale. ESG partners include  the United Nations, Project Everyone, Junior Achievement Worldwide, World Humanitarian Forum, World Cup for the Global Goals, Schmidt Futures - RISE, YPO, The Female Quotient, Forbes 30u30, OneValley, AIM NITI Aayog, Reliance Jio, BOTTLETOP, and many more.  The ESG Advisory council acts as a guide to review, assess and monitor ESG. It comprises leading entrepreneurs, investors, visionaries, and thought leaders from all walks of life. The ESG movement has been supported by global business and thought leaders, acting as jury members, including Asheesh Advani (Junior Achievement Worldwide), Natalia Vega-Berry (The Global Brain Foundation), Anastasios (Tassos) Economou (YPO), Luciano Huck (Joa Investimentos S/A), Randall Lane (Forbes), Laxman Narasimhan (Reckitt), Madge Thomas (American Expression Foundation), Rebecca Winthrop (Brookings Institution) and Shelley Zalis (The Female Quotient).

ESG is also the Global Accelerator to the World's To-Do List, an initiative launched during the 76th UN General Assembly in 2021 where leading companies including Unilever,, Reckitt, Mars, and Diageo have come together in support of the UN SDGs. With the support of Project Everyone, a United Nations global partner for SDG advocacy and outreach, the Global Goals are at the center of this entrepreneurial tournament.

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Supporting Quotes

Shiv Khemka
Executive Chairman ESG & tGELF

“The United Nations has laid out a roadmap, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to solve the problems in the coming decades, and yet what underlies all of this is - jobs. The Entrepreneurship Sports Generation is a global movement that aims to create an ecosystem of conscious entrepreneurs and supporters around the world collaborating in addressing global challenges. Join the movement to use the incredible power of sports and entertainment to encourage and bind us together in this common mission of job creation and inclusive diverse entrepreneurship.”

Richard Curtis
Writer, Director & UN Sustainable Development Goals Advocate

“It’s been a tough year on so many fronts - but I’m still delighted and cheered every day by the passion and action of so many businesses in support of the Global Goals. It’s such an interesting time, as well as consumers expect more of businesses and increasingly support those fighting for sustainability and as more and more employees expect their firms to reflect their ethics and priorities. The World’s To Do List campaign, led by businesses, is a vivid reminder of what is needed, and how the Goals are a To-Do List we all must get done.”

Ann Rosenberg
Executive Director, ESG

“Only with an entrepreneurship mindset will we be able to build the solutions needed to solve our world’s biggest problems. These solutions need to be accessible, affordable, and scalable. As the accelerator for the World’s To Do List, ESG is the platform through which we can achieve some of the most pressing solutions.”

Gail Gallie
Co-Founder, Project Everyone

“I am thrilled to see young entrepreneurs from all over the world competing at Entrepreneurship Sports Generation which unites thousands of entrepreneurs, all using global goals as a framework to see how they can improve the state of the world.

We founded the global goals campaign so that we can achieve a world where global goals can be realised and met. These Goals are a framework within which we all monitor the world’s progress.

So I couldn’t be happier seeing this competition taking off as it is in all our interest that this movement succeeds with businesses driving impact for people and for planet.”

About The Global Education & Leadership Foundation

The Global Education & Leadership Foundation (tGELF) is a non-profit organization that seeks to identify and nurture leadership skills in individuals rooted in the values of ethics, altruism, and have a bias for action. tGELF was officially inaugurated in 2008 by Dr. Manmohan Singh, the then Prime Minister of India. tGELF’s leadership school curriculum operates in 14 countries, as well in schools all across India, and has reached more than 3 million students. As a driving force of Global Citizen India, tGELF has raised and made available USD 7.5 billion to promote sustainability and innovation.

Over the years the organization has taken multiple initiatives, with conscious entrepreneurship as a key focus, to advance United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a panacea to the most pressing global challenges.

tGELF’s latest entrepreneurship initiative, the Entrepreneurship Sports Generation (ESG), is envisioned as a one-of-a-kind global movement that aims to make entrepreneurship the new heartbeat of the world. This movement focuses on advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by fostering conscious entrepreneurship.

About Annex Investments

Annex Investments is a privately-held investment management firm and venture builder that owns and controls a wide range of subsidiaries, as well as represents several multinational corporations. Their goal is to continually seek to drive growth by fostering both social and economic development through strategic alliances. Annex which was founded to bring in and embrace new business ideas in the market, as well as invest in start-up companies remains consistent with its principles. As a result, they are contributing actively and positively toward the UAE and its economy

About The World’s To Do List

The World’s To Do List is a global campaign created by Project Everyone and the UN in September 2021 to spur action on achieving the UN Global Goals. The climate crisis. Gender inequality. Human rights abuses. Extreme poverty. Problems of this scale can be overwhelming. That’s why we need a plan to tackle them and that’s exactly what we’ve got. The Global Goals are the World’s To Do List.

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