Doha, Qatar: Qatar Museums has embarked on a culinary journey, presenting their latest offering, “Akilna,” a four-part video series that delves into the heart of Qatari cuisine.

Led by the exceptionally talented Chef Noof Al Marri, owner of the Desert Rose Café within the National Museum of Qatar, the series takes viewers on a captivating and flavoursome adventure.

With two episodes already available on Qatar Museums’ website and YouTube, the first installment, titled “Madrouba,” introduces the traditional Qatari dish made from beaten rice. Chef Noof unveiled her unique twist on the classic Madrouba, elevating it with healthier ingredients such as spinach and oats, while retaining the authentic flavors through the use of Qatri ghee (Dehna) and essential spices.

Throughout the episode, she shares her expertise, emphasising the importance of choosing the right rice and incorporating fenugreek for both taste and health benefits.

In the second episode, titled “Baranyoosh,” Chef Noof pays homage to Qatar’s love for seafood, recreating the beloved Qatari dish consisting of grilled fish and rice, crowned with the exquisite date syrup.

Drawing from the wisdom of the past, she revealed how date molasses became the healthier substitute for sugar in traditional Qatari cuisine. The meticulous preparation of the date molasses and the precise seasoning of the fish highlight the attention to detail and culinary finesse present in Qatari gastronomy.

Chef Noof’s passion for cooking emerged at a tender age, and she has since soared to international fame, captivating audiences worldwide with her culinary prowess. From Doha to China, Turkiye, Germany, and India, she has showcased Qatari cuisine, introducing the world to the rich culture and identity of Qatar through the art of cooking.

For Chef Noof, the act of cooking transcends mere sustenance; it becomes a medium of expression, a love letter to those she cherishes. “I see cooking as one of those arts through which you can send a simple love letter. A message that can reach the mind and heart of anyone you love. I consider cooking a form of art that carries a very sublime message. My ambition is to have Qatari cuisine everywhere in the world and to introduce people to our culture and identity. This is my greatest ambition.”

“Akilna” is available on both YouTube and the Qatar Museums website, allowing food enthusiasts and culture aficionados alike to savour the richness of Qatari cuisine from the comfort of their screens.

In the words of Chef Noof, “Asking someone what you can cook for them is an expression of love,” and through “Akilna,” she invites the world to indulge in this culinary love letter from Qatar to the world.

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