With just a few days left until the holy month of Ramadan, essential dates are currently available at nearly 40 per cent off.

Khaleej Times visited the Waterfront Market and Jubail Market in Sharjah, and discovered a notable drop in date prices compared to usual.

Presently, Majdool dates from Palestine, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia are priced at Dh20, down from Dh30 just a few days ago. Similarly, Rutab, usually available for Dh60 per 3kg, has seen a reduction to Dh45 for the same amount.

The highly sought-after Ajwa dates are now priced at Dh35, a drop from Dh45. For budget-conscious buyers, the most affordable option is Zaidi from Iran, available at an economical Dh5.

Mohammed Raees, a date vendor at stall 130 in the Waterfront Market, mentioned that dry fruits are currently being offered at discounted prices. "Currently, the demand for Majdool dates is significantly lower. We are selling over 100 kilograms of dates daily, and we anticipate this to rise to over 500 kilograms a day next week," said Raees.

"All the date vendors at the market are selling these energy-packed fruits for a discount, and many residents are taking good advantage of it," added Raees.

Residents have a timely opportunity to make significant savings by stocking up on dates now, before Ramadan starts.

"We have over 30 varieties of dates currently, and in the next week, we expect more varieties from various other parts of the world," said Anzil S, a vendor at Waterfront Market. "In the coming weeks, as demand increases, residents can expect a rise of 20 per cent (in price)."

Dates hold a special and staple significance during Ramadan, serving as an integral part of the Iftar ritual. Traditionally, Muslims break their fast by consuming dates and water, following the example of Prophet Muhammad. These sweet and nutritious fruits provide a quick energy boost after a day of fasting, helping replenish blood sugar levels.


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