Do you love travelling and exploring distant locations? Dubai, with its central location, is the best place to embark on your travels.

If you are a frequent flyer, chances are you might experience the phenomenon of 'jet lag', which can affect your sleep and alertness.

People traveling towards the east zone are more likely to develop jet lag over moving towards the west zone. The more time zones you travel, the more is the possibility of developing a jet lag, says Dr Jimmy Joseph, Specialist, Internal Medicine, Universal Hospital.

A jet lag sufferer may experience a number of physical and emotional symptoms including altered sleep rhythm, daytime fatigue, difficulty in concentrating and functioning, irritability, nausea, indigestion, constipation, altered mood swings, dehydration etc.

It is normal for the elderly to suffer from jet lag and take a longer time to recover.

To avoid feeling irritable at your destination, you could arrive early for your scheduled meeting and get adjusted to the new place, suggests Dr. Joseph. "If you are traveling eastwards, you can adjust your sleep rhythm by sleeping one hour early at least two-three days prior to the trip to align yourself with the new timings. Also, try to expose yourself to morning light in the early hours."

10 ways to beat jet lag include:

1. Keep yourself hydrated, drink plenty of water and take plenty of rest before you travel. Why not indulge in cups of hot water or herbal tea while on the flight.

2. Reset your sleep and food time according to the new destination, at least two or three days before your travel.

3. Avoid coffee or caffeine heavy beverages like cola and energy drinks before the flight as these artificial stimulants can affect your ability to sleep.

4. It is not advisable to rely on sleeping pills for long-haul flights.

5. Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks as it can increase your tiredness and cause dehydration, making it difficult to beat jet lag.

6. Take a stopover instead of a long flight, if possible. Travelling in one go might sound meatier but splitting your trip will help you adapt better to the new time zones.

7. As tempting as it may sound, don't arrive in the night. Opt for a flight that arrives in the daylight as it will make it easier for you to stay awake.

8. Get a good night sleep before flying. Don't stay awake so that you can sleep off during the flight. Being sleep deprived can only make you feel worse.

9. Take it easy before the flight. It is better to prepare yourself and giving yourself enough time to adjust to new time zones.

10. Normally, jet lag gets resolved in a day or two and doesn't need any medical help. But if symptoms persist, you can seek assistance.

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