DUBAI: Dr. Anwar Gargash, Diplomatic Adviser to the UAE President, said the country’s foreign policy is built upon three key pillars, stability, prosperity and principles, with geo-economic considerations given priority over geo-political ones.

Speaking at the 21st Arab Media Forum in a session titled ‘The Arab Region: Future Scenarios' moderated by Lara Nabhan, Anchor, Al Hadath TV, Dr. Gargash said the UAE's foreign policy is focused on enhancing regional stability. He underscored the crucial role of regional cooperation and dialogue in addressing common challenges.

He highlighted the leading role of Saudi Arabia and Egypt in the Arab world. He also noted that the UAE works to constantly raise its competitiveness by tapping the potential of the digital economy, artificial intelligence and renewable and sustainable energy.

Highlighting the importance of economic prosperity, Dr. Gargash said raising local competitiveness is one of the UAE’s primary aims. The nation is committed to constantly expanding business partnerships and opening up new economic corridors. The agreement established at the G20 meeting to establish a trade corridor linking India, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel and Europe is a significant development for the UAE.

Promoting the nation’s values is another cornerstone of the UAE’s foreign policy, Dr. Gargash said. The empowerment of women and the promotion of tolerance are fundamental values that the nation is keen on advancing, in addition to Islamic and Arab values.

Commenting on the recent attack on Bahraini troops along the Saudi-Yemen border, Dr. Gargash said that despite recent developments that hold the promise of a permanent ceasefire in Yemen, thanks to Saudi efforts, this incident indicates the presence of a faction within the Houthis opposed to reconciliation.

He also noted that the UAE is focused on finding common ground with Iran as development and confrontation cannot go hand in hand.

Dr. Gargash also expressed the UAE's keenness to share its development experience with other nations. He added that the UAE is focused on enhancing stability and social and economic openness and ensuring effective judicial institutions and rule of law. Remarkably, for a country with a population of less than 10 million, the UAE boasts a GDP of over $500 billion.

He also emphasised that Arab nations should play a more significant role in Syria. Regarding the rapprochement between Syria and other Arab nations, he said the reintegration of Syria into the Arab League is part of the multilateral body’s new strategic direction regarding the country.
He highlighted the importance of revitalising Arab collaboration and reshaping past policies driven by ideology.

Regarding COP28, Dr. Gargash remarked that the event is of utmost importance to the UAE as it addresses one of the most critical challenges facing humanity. He pledged that the UAE would make a significant impact and leave its mark on the event.