The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources on Thursday issued a special circular announcing its back-to-school policy, which was approved by the UAE Cabinet.

Under the policy, parents — who are federal government employees — shall be granted flexible work hours on the first day of the new school year and during the first week for those with children in nurseries and kindergartens.

The special hours shall be set without disrupting work processes or services provided by the entity and in accordance with the federal government's human resources law.

The aim, it added, is to improve the quality of employees' lives and boost job satisfaction and happiness.

Here are the provisions of the back-to-school policy:

>>On the first school day (elementary level and above):

Employees are granted flexibility in attendance and departure on the first school day so they can accompany their children.

The flexibility duration shall not exceed a total of 3 hours on the first school day.

Differences in the start of school days are considered.

>>Flexible working hours during the first week for those with children in nursery and kindergarten:

Employees are granted flexibility during the first week of the school year for the purpose of taking their children to and from the nursery or home.

The duration of leaving work to attend to children shall not exceed a total of 3 hours daily.

>> Flexible working hours for other occasions and circumstances related to the school year:

Employees may be granted permission to leave work for a duration of no more than 3 hours for the following:

To attend parent-teacher meetings at their children's schools.

To attend graduation events, occasions, and activities related to their children.

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