UAE residents have been warned of fraudulent activities committed by scammers, time and again.

In this common scam that has been going around, a scammer sends the victim a 'legal notice' from the 'Central Bank of the UAE' on WhatsApp.

However, upon a closer look, it is relatively easy to tell that the document is a fake. The document, titled 'legal notifications' has some obvious spelling errors.

The document, seen below, has several grammatical errors as well and does not follow the format of one. It says: "Sorry, dear customer your bank account (ATM, debit, credit cards) will be freeze due to some security reasons, (and verify your all correct details) otherwise you account will be suspended permanent."

It also provides a contact number and features a signature and stamp (with another spelling error).

Scams like these take place fairly often, where fraudsters impersonate UAE authorities and attempt to retrieve victims' bank details.

Recently, the Ras Al Khaimah Police managed to track down a gang of fraudsters believed to be stealing huge sums of money from residents' bank accounts.

Seven Asians from inside and outside the country were arrested in connection with the scam, police said on Thursday.

The gang would pose as bank representatives and contact residents via phone calls or fake WhatsApp messages, the police said, explaining the modus operandi. Then, they would people into revealing bank details by saying their accounts would be blocked if the data was not provided. Victims who fall victim to this scheme would end up giving scammers access to their bank accounts, and the next thing they know, their deposits are wiped out.

Staying safe

Banks do not ask customers to disclose personal information via SMS, WhatsApp, e-mails or phone calls under the pretext of updating accounts, authorities have said.

In case you encounter such suspicious activities, report them to the authorities immediately.

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