ABU DHABI - The UAE Cyber Security Council has confirmed the success of national cyber systems in thwarting cyberattacks carried out by terrorist organisations that targeted a number of vital and strategic sectors in the country.

The Council said that cyber emergency systems had been activated nationwide in cooperation with all relevant authorities.

These systems were able to professionally, efficiently, and proactively repel these terrorist cyberattacks and deter anyone who thinks of tampering with the security of the country and its capabilities.

The Council noted that the identities of these terrorist organisations and the location of their cyberattacks have been identified and dealt with in accordance with protection systems and cybersecurity policies.

The Council stressed that all national teams continue to work on fortifying the country's digital ecosystem in accordance with the best practices and international standards in this regard.

The UAE has a highly developed digital infrastructure capable of dealing flexibly and quickly with all cyberattacks, the Council added.

The Council called on all government and private institutions and individuals to be cautious and vigilant to avoid being affected by potential cyberattacks.

The Council urged institutions and individuals to be wary of constantly evolving hacking and electronic fraud tools to avoid cyberattacks that could cause harm and breaches.

The Council emphasised the importance of safeguarding personal data; avoiding disclosing such data through unverified links or unknown messages; utilising only official channels for communication; exercise caution when handling emails; and refraining from opening links unless their legitimacy is confirmed.

The Council strongly emphasised the paramount necessity for vital sectors to engage in active mitigation of cyberattacks through the expeditious deployment of robust protection systems, the rigorous enforcement of established cybersecurity policies, and the timely reporting of any suspicious electronic activity with the potential to cause harm to their systems and electronic environments to the designated authorities.