DUBAI – Dubai Police have thwarted the plans of three drug trafficking gangs and arrested 28 suspects. The traffickers were attempting to peddle 111 kilograms of drugs with an estimated market value of AED32 million.

According to details, the police stopped a gang attempting to trade 99 kg of Captagon, arrested a suspect promoting drugs through an international phone number with 9.7 kg of crystal meth, and arrested a person using social media to promote drugs and 23 additional individuals with heroin, crystal meth, and hashish.

Dubai Police warn the public about the danger of drug promotion through social media and urge them to exercise caution and report suspicious activity immediately. The Dubai Police are committed to protecting the community and maintaining Dubai's reputation as a safe place.

Individuals can report drug-related activity by calling the Dubai Police's non-emergency number (901), using the "Police Eye" service, through the e-Crime platform or the website.