AMMAN — Amid the growing frequency and intensity of heatwaves, stakeholders urged farmers to take precautions to protect crops from increasing temperatures.

Secretary General of the Jordan Valley Authority Hisham Hisa has urged citizens and farmers to take the necessary precautions amid the increasing temperatures, especially in the Jordan Valley.

He also noted that the authority has prepared an emergency action plan to equip the community with the necessary tools and strategies to combat severe climate.

Moreover, the authority advised farmers to water the plants early in the morning, as this helps the soil be cool and moist.

Speaking with The Jordan Times, Adnan Khaddam, president of Jordan Valley Farmers Union said “Extreme weather preparedness is paramount and crucial these days…because with the climate change, no one can predict anything anymore..”

Farmers during summertime increase watering frequency to decrease heat stress on crops and preserve the water in the soil, according to Khaddam. However, he cautioned against over-irrigation, which can be detrimental to crop health.

He further said that higher temperatures lead to decreased crop yield, therefore it is of utmost importance to follow certain measures and procedures that protect the plants.

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