Most bosses in Qatar believe that workers will work full time in the office in the next few years, according to a new report.

In its 2023 Qatar CEO Outlook, KPMG said that 72% of CEOs in the Gulf state are expecting a full return to office in the next three years, while 24% are expecting to continue with a hybrid working setup. A small number of CEOs, 4%, said they envision fully remote working over the same period.

KPMG surveyed more than 1,300 CEOs around the world, including 25 CEOs in Qatar, for the latest edition of its KPMG CEO Outlook. The bosses included in the survey work for companies with annual revenues of more than $500 million.

When asked how they plan to encourage staff to return to office, only 33% of CEOs in Qatar indicated that they plan to reward their staff with favourable assignments, pay raises or promotions.

An equal number (33%) were neutral on the subject and 33% indicated that they were not likely to offer any incentive.

The feedback gathered from Qatar’s CEOs highlighted the continued prevalence of conventional office-focused mindsets among company bosses, KPMG said.

KPMG noted that, as companies develop strategies for returning to the office, it is important for company bosses to adopt a “forward-thinking approach” that focuses on employee benefits and addresses their concerns and needs.

(Writing by Cleofe Maceda; editing by Brinda Darasha)