ABU DHABI- Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination, represented by the People of Determination Services Department, has monitored 18 new cases with various disability classifications, including nine citizens and eight residents.

These cases were identified through the disability evaluations of 3,381 newborns in Abu Dhabi as part of the "3/12 Programme for Early Disability Detection in Children" in 2021, including the period of remote work.

The identified disability classifications included 11 cases of intellectual disabilities (six citizens and five residents), five physical disabilities (three citizens and two residents), and cases of hearing impairment (two residents).

In a statement on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which falls on 3rd December every year, the organisation explained that the total number of identified People of Determination cases since the programme’s inception in August 2018 had reached 119, resulting from the assessment of 18,726 newborns and children.

This figure includes 70 children from Emirati families and 49 children from resident families, classified as 26 cases of physical disabilities, 16 cases of hearing impairments, 68 cases of intellectual disabilities, and 10 cases of multiple disabilities.

In cooperation with the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, the application of the programme is part of Zayed Higher Organisation's efforts towards transforming UAE society into an inclusive community for People of Determination. Central to achieving this strategic goal is determining the prevalence of disability in Abu Dhabi and fulfilling the first aspect of the national policy (health and rehabilitation) to empower People of Determination.

Abdulla Abdulalee Al Humaidan, Secretary-General of the Organisation, stressed that the organisation is dedicated to implementing optimal rehabilitation and care methods across all its projects and initiatives for affiliated People of Determination. The organisation continues to implement a strategic plan to develop prevention and early intervention programmes following integrated operations and services for people of determination to ensure a decent life for members of society.

Regarding the implementation of the 3/12 Programme, he noted that as soon as disability indicators are identified in a child, communication is immediately established with the child’s family to initiate rapid remedial rehabilitation programmes. The main aim of this communication is to ensure the immediate enrollment of the child in early intervention programmes and secure a People of Determination card as well as a "Fazaa Discount Card" and a "Dhabi Card" for the newly diagnosed person of determination.

He emphasised the pivotal role played by families in the success of the rehabilitation programmes offered by the organisation.

Al Humaidan stated that Zayed Higher Organization is transferring its expertise in the 3/12 Programme to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This cooperation is part of an MoU signed between the organisation and the Crown Prince Foundation in the Kingdom of Jordan.

The agreement terms include sharing the best knowledge of projects and initiatives in rehabilitation and family counselling programmes for People of Determination and their families.

Sidra Al Mansoori, Director of the People of Determination Services Department, indicated that the programme evaluates children between two and six months old to monitor the child’s development. The evaluation will include an intervention plan, which depends on the severity and development of the child's condition.

She explained that the organisation had not evaluated several cases as they reside in hospitals, receive intensive medical treatment, have sadly passed away, or are outside the country, while some are not living in Abu Dhabi.


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