05 June 2017

DUBAI (Reuters) - Three Gulf Arab states and Egypt severed their ties with Qatar on Monday in a dispute over Doha's support for Islamist groups, in particular the Muslim Brotherhood, which they regard as a political enemy.

-- Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain cut diplomatic and consular relations with the state of Qatar and will close all ground, sea and air ports to forbid transit, state news agencies said.

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-- It was not immediately clear when these measures would be implemented. Saudi Arabia said it would "begin immediate legal measures with friendly, sisterly countries and international companies to implement that measure as quickly as possible for all types of transit from and to the state of Qatar."

-- Qatar's stock market plunged on Monday, down 5.7 percent in the first five minutes of trade. Some of the market's top blue chips were hit hardest, with Vodafone Qatar, the most heavily traded stock, sliding 8.9 percent. Qatar National Bank, the country's largest bank, dropped 4.6 percent

-- "The measures are unjustified and are based on claims and allegations that have no basis in fact," Qatar-based al Jazeera TV quoted the foreign ministry as saying.

-- Bahrain cuts ties with Qatar for meddling in internal affairs

-- A senior Iranian official said on Monday the decision would not help end the crisis in the Middle East.

-- U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Monday that they did not expect a decision by some Gulf countries to sever ties with Qatar to affect the fight against terrorism but urged them to address their differences.

-- Qatar Airways said on its official website on Monday that it had suspended all flights to Saudi Arabia.

-- UAE carriers Emirates, Etihad Airways and Flydubai say they will suspend flights to and from Qatar on Tuesday.

-- The decision forbids Saudi, UAE and Bahraini citizens from travelling to Qatar, residing in it or passing through it, SPA said. Residents and visitors of those countries must leave Qatar within 14 days. Qatari citizens have 14 days to leave Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain.

-- Qatar has been expelled from a Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen.

-- Egypt said it was also severing ties and would close its airspace and seaports for all Qatari transportation to protect its national security. It was not immediately clear whether it was expelling Qataris or had asked its citizens to come home.

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