London - The Saudi Transport General Authority held a reception yesterday to highlight the maritime sector's achievements in London, attended by the Saudi Ambassador to the UK, Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the Deputy Minister of Transport and Logistic Services and Acting Chairman of the Transport General Authority, Dr. Rumaih bin Mohammed Al-Rumaih, as well as several ambassadors and delegates, members of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and those involved in the sector.

In a speech he delivered at the event, the Saudi ambassador said that the event highlights the outstanding achievements made by Saudi Arabia in the maritime sector, stressing that the progress that has been made indicates the deep and firm commitment of the Kingdom toward achieving its Vision 2030.

He pointed out that the achievements made, including the significant development in logistic services, close cooperation with the International Maritime Organization, and support for the marine environment, represent an important stage in Saudi Arabia's journey towards achieving its ambitious goals.

Meanwhile, Dr. Al-Rumaih stressed that the national strategy for transport and logistics had set clear goals in all aspects of maritime development, pointing out that the Kingdom aims by 2030 to be among the first ten countries in the Logistics Performance (LPI) index. This includes the establishment of 59 logistics zones, and increasing the capacity of ports to more than 40 million containers and that the Kingdom has made great strides in supporting the marine environment.

He added, "We are pleased to actively pursue tracks of cooperation with IMO and its member states regarding initiatives that promote climate, cooperation, and seafarers." He also announced holding the Maritime Industry Sustainability Conference from 4 to 6 September 2023 under the theme "Innovation for a Greener Future".

The event also included an exhibition organized by the Transport General Authority in which several government and private agencies participated, including the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, the Royal Saudi Navy, the Saudi Border Guard, ZATCA, the Saudi Ports Authority (MAWANI), and the Saudi Red Sea Authority, as well as NEOM and Bahri companies, in addition to the National Maritime Academy.

During the exhibition, the participating agencies presented qualitative initiatives in the maritime field, such as the establishment of comprehensive electronic platforms to provide various services to beneficiaries in the maritime transport sector and the establishment and approval of specialized maritime institutions to contribute to the provision of specialized marine cadres per the highest international standards.