Jeddah: Saudi Arabia’s digital regulator, the Communications & Information Technology Commission (CITC), has announced that communications and ICT infrastructure in Makkah and Medina are fully operational and running to the highest standards ahead of this year’s Hajj and Umrah.

With a million worshippers expected to make the pilgrimage this year, the Commission has done everything to ensure that digital infrastructure in and around Makkah and Medina are ready to connect pilgrims with millions of loved ones around the world.

CITC has ensured the smooth functioning of more than 5,900 towers and more than 11,000 Wifi access points in the Two Holy Cities. It has also overseen a 41% increase in 5G towers to reach more than 2,600 5G towers.

"The Kingdom’s infrastructure readiness will not only help smooth the passage of fulfilling a lifelong dream," said Dr. Mohammed bin Saud Al-Tamimi, "it will significantly enhance their digital experience."

With some of the fastest mobile download speeds on the planet (203 Mbit/s in Makkah and 223 Mbit/s in Madinah), this year’s pilgrims will have an unprecedented experience.

The first overseas worshippers to make the Hajj since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s worshippers will benefit from the fastest connections the Two Holy Sites have ever had.

"With worshippers traveling to Saudi Arabia from every part of the planet, we are ensuring that this year’s pilgrims have the most innovative and interactive Hajj experience in history,” Governor Al-Tamimi said. “That’s why the ability to seamlessly communicate this life-changing experience is so important."