ABU DHABI - The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has announced that it attained membership in the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

Through its membership, TDRA will support the implementation of EFQM's leading approach, aimed at enabling organisations improve their own performance and objectives as well as develop their respective human resources.

TDRA will utilise the integrated services provided by the EFQM to better equip its own teams to drive excellence and cultural change and transformation, thereby delivering performance improvements and benefits to TDRA, its staff and clients.

Commenting on this membership, Mohammad Al Kitbi, Deputy Director-General of the Support Services Sector at TDRA, said, "TDRA is keen to establish partnerships and cooperate with key leading global organisations in various related work areas, to share success stories, conducting benchmarks, and utilising the latest global managerial/administrative and occupational/professional systems in the development of TDRA's ways and methods of work, in addition to cadre qualification and training."

He added, TDRA's membership in the EFQM will give us an opportunity to access the updated EFQM 2020 Model to develop work mechanisms and implement best international practices across all our operations.

The EFQM is an innovative, not-for-profit organisation, fusing data-driven insights, curated learning and development and networking opportunities for the benefit of organisations and individuals worldwide. EFQM aids stakeholders to grow, improve work methods and follow a common management philosophy among thousands of people all around the world.