Diriyah: Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) and the General Authority for Survey and Geospatial Information (GEOSA) have signed a joint memorandum of understanding (MoU) aimed at enhancing collaboration in data and information exchange, geospatial services, surveying and drone projects, knowledge and expertise sharing, technical consultations, and training and development.

The MoU, signed by CEO of DGDA Jerry Inzerillo, and President of GEOSA Dr. Eng. Mohammed bin Yahya Al-Sayel, includes the adoption of the official map of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued by the latter as a foundational map and an accredited official source for the Kingdom's international boundaries, administrative, supervisory regions, and geographical sites. Additionally, the MoU supports DGDA’s utilization of the National Geospatial Reference as a unified reference for all geospatial data.

On the occasion, DGDA CEO Jerry Inzerillo stated, “This MoU aligns with DGDA’s efforts to strengthen collaborative ties with relevant entities, which will help achieve mutual benefits across various domains.”

The MoU encompasses several areas of cooperation, including DGDA's ability to benefit from the products and services of the Continuous Operation Reference Station Network and the National Geospatial Platform. DGDA will also support GEOSA in building and implementing the National Geospatial Strategy with data governance, efficient exchange of information, and the support of national geospatial security.

President of the GEOSA Dr. Mohammed Al-Sayel, said, "The MoU encompasses various aspects of national training, capacity building, promoting products and projects of both entities, sharing experiences and knowledge, providing technical consultations, supporting ongoing research activities, and utilizing geospatial information from GEOSA as a technical and consultative reference, particularly in the context of surveying works and regulatory frameworks.”