Doha, Qatar: Qatar witnessed rise in new vehicle registrations as the total number of registered new vehicles in the country stood at 7,231 in February 2024, recording an increase of 23.4 percent on yearly basis and decline of 15 percent on monthly basis, according to data released by the Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA).

The registration of private vehicles accounted for 77 percent of the total new private vehicles which stood at 5,538, registering a month-on-month rise of 29.2 percent and a year-on-year fall of 8.8 percent. On the other hand, the registration of private motorcycles totaled 142 in February 2024, while it stood at 360 in the previous month registering a decline of 60.6 percent and 48.7 percent on month-on-month and year-on-year basis. Out of the total new vehicles, the private new motorcycles accounted for 2 percent as per the official data.

The rise in vehicle registrations is a sign that the country’s economy is recovering as more cars are being bought and sold. In the case of private transport vehicles the registration stood at 971 in February this year which formed 13 percent of the total new vehicles in February 2024. The registration of trailers witnessed a rise of 9.7 percent on yearly basis and a decline of 33.3 percent on monthly basis. While the number of heavy equipment stood at 124 and other vehicles totaled 422 in February 2024.

The report further showed the data for the clearing of vehicles processes stood at 128,002 in February 2024, showing an annual rise of 2.7 percent and a monthly decline of 7.3 percent respectively. The renewal of vehicles stood at 72,758 while the transfer of ownership accounted for 30,831 vehicles.

The number of cancelled, export, modified, lost/damaged vehicles totaled 1,942, 2,754, 3,913, and 8,262 respectively in February of this year.

The total number of traffic violations registered during February 2024 totaled 228,358, witnessing a monthly decline of 10.3 percent.

Around 754 traffic accident cases were recorded during February 2024, showing a monthly decrease of 10.6 percent and an annual increase by 12.9 percent.

Out of the total traffic violations registered in February 2024, included speed limit violation (radar) which accounted for 78 percent, while stand and wait rules and obligations violations were 12 percent. The speed limit violation (radar) of vehicles stood at 1230,348 registering a decline of 3.6 percent on monthly basis. Whereas traffic signal violations in February 2024 reached 5,880 showing a decrease of 8.9 percent on month-on-month basis.

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