Saudi Arabia - Off-road models have always been trendy in the Saudi car market, especially as off-road and urban SUVs, which have great off-road performance and in daily urban travel life, have become more popular among local consumers in the past two years. JAECOO, an emerging off-road and urban vehicle brand, is also targeting the automotive needs of Saudi consumers and has begun expanding its presence in this vital automotive market.

JAECOO combines classic precision manufacturing capabilities with the exceptional courageous style of off-road vehicles, going beyond the classics to create pioneering intelligent driving technology and balancing off-road exploration and urban commuting, perfectly fitting the diversified travel scenarios of Saudi Arabia's new urban elites, and paving the way for a new era of high-quality travel in the smart age. To better connect with Saudi users, JAECOO plans to host a media event for the driving experience in early December. At that time, leading Saudi media and social media influencers will be invited to take part in the media conference and experience the brand and the off-road capabilities of JAECOO in the middle of desert.

The test drive media event will be held in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In this city where ancient civilization intertwines with modern technology, the high-rise buildings shine with the majestic desert, the media personals will drive the first JAECOO J7 model through the sandy desert and difficult terrains and mountains, examining its grip, stability, and portability. Let's anticipate the feedback that automotive industry giants will provide, considering them the first batch of people who would get a chance to experience JAECOO J7's drive experience in the Saudi market.

Individual car ownership in Saudi Arabia ranks among the highest in the world. Saudi Arabia is considered a high-potential market in the global automobile industry, as well as an important hub for JAECOO to expand deeply into the Middle East and enhance globalization. JAECOO also hopes that through this test drive media event, Saudi consumers can gain a close understanding of the brand concept and technical strength of JAECOO, feeling the charm of innovative technology more intuitively and deeply.

In the future, leveraging the momentum of “Vision 2030” and related policies of Saudi Arabia, JAECOO will benefit from the enormous development potential in Saudi Arabia and even the entire Middle East, and will launch integrated regional events with distinct markets in Qatar, Kuwait and others to bring ideal vehicles to consumers in the Middle East, concurrently, JAECOO will promote the brand globalization process more steadfastly.

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