SEE Holding, the UAE's first sustainably focused global holding group aiming to spearhead a net-zero future, and EnerTech, a Kuwait-based innovator, investor, and developer of end-to-end sustainable solutions, today revealed plans to develop a sustainable city in Kuwait.

The new development, which was announced on the sidelines of the 28th UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) currently taking place in Dubai, will redefine urban living in Kuwait, enabling residents to significantly reduce their environmental impact with innovative clean energy, waste management, and resource conservation solutions as well as delivering social and economic sustainability.

The envisioned sustainable city, poised to set a new global benchmark for sustainable urban development, will feature an advanced 16MWp solar energy system. The renewable energy-based system will generate 100 percent of the city’s energy requirements, as well as an additional 20 percent surplus, which will significantly reduce the city’s emissions.

The city's commitment to self-sustainability extends to food production. Through investments in local farming capabilities, the city aims to produce 50 percent of the food required by its community.

The development also targets a zero-waste strategy, with plans to implement on-site waste sorting, alongside a biogas plant for processing organic waste to eliminate landfill. Additionally, the city's water management strategy includes treating and reusing 100 percent of its water for irrigation to ensure efficient resource utilisation.

Faris Saeed, Chairman and CEO of SEE Holding, commented on the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to grow our network of partners by working with one of the leading companies in the sectors of clean energy, water, technology and sustainability solutions. Our collaboration with EnerTech is driven by the shared goal of reaching a net-zero emissions future and is strengthened by our combined experiences.

Together with EnerTech, we are excited to work towards the creation of a sustainable city that will enhance the quality of life for the people of Kuwait and contribute to the growth of a green circular economy.”

Abdullah Al Mutairi, CEO of EnerTech, said, "At EnerTech, we are designing a sustainable future with bankable clean energy and green infrastructure projects that are transforming quality of life in rural and urban communities around the world. Building win-win partnerships, like this one with SEE Holding, are key to unlocking innovation and accelerating sustainable development progress.

“Aligned with Kuwait Vision 2040 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, this sustainable city in Kuwait is symbolic of our determination to improve lives and livelihoods through housing landscapes that are both energy efficient and environmentally friendly."

SEE Holding's 'The Sustainable City' branded concept and working model in Dubai was the first fully operational sustainable community in the Middle East. It has already proven to be successful, not only by surpassing its emissions targets but also consistently being rated as the happiest community in the GCC by the Dubai Land Department. The model has already been successfully replicated in Sharjah with Sharjah Investment and Development Authority, Abu Dhabi with Aldar, and Oman (Yiti) with OMRAN group.