DUBAI - A total of 2,433 real estate transactions worth AED9.7 billion were conducted during the week ending 12th August, 2022, according to figures released by the Dubai Land Department.

A total of 326 plots were sold for AED1.64 billion, while 1,567 apartments and villas were purchased for AED3.12 billion.

The top three transactions were a land plot in Nadd Hessa sold for AED352.41 million, followed by another sold for AED90 million in Island 2, and one sold for AED42 million in Al Hebiah Fourth.

Al Hebiah Fifth recorded the most transactions for this week, registering 214 sales transactions worth AED595.16 million, followed by Jabal Ali First with 39 sales transactions worth AED164.29 million, and Al Yufrah 2 with 26 sales transactions worth AED33 million in third place.

66 properties were granted between first-degree relatives worth AED327 million.