Borouge Plc (Borouge) has joined Operation Clean Sweep (OCS), a global initiative by the petrochemical industry to reduce pellet loss to the environment.

The OCS programme is designed to implement procedures to prevent resin pellet, flake and powder loss during their production, transportation and usage whilst also ensuring they do not enter the marine environment. The initiative has been adopted by leading global petrochemical players and is operational across more than 60 countries. In the GCC region, the initiative is led by Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA).

Maitha Al Marashi, Acting Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Borouge, said, “Joining Operation Clean Sweep advances our overall sustainability efforts and is a key milestone in our roadmap towards sustainable manufacturing and operations. The programme will further enhance our zero pellet loss drive whilst ensuring we continue to drive sustainability initiatives across our facilities.”

Members of the OCS programme adopt a framework designed to drive efficiencies across transport and logistics, industrial operations and manufacturing in order to prevent the unintentional spillage of pellets into the environment, thereby preventing an adverse impact on wildlife and natural ecosystems. Moreover, the programme supports employee health and safety through equipping employees with deeper knowledge, systems and processes to prevent potential spillages of pellets.

The signing of the pledge by Borouge coincides with World Oceans Day, an international observance aimed at raising awareness about global efforts for protecting earth’s oceans and climate. Borouge is also a Responsible Care company driven by customer and consumer expectations, and continuously strives to deliver the next generation of solutions. Launched in 1985 and guided by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), the Responsible Care Global Charter is the chemical industry's global voluntary initiative under which companies, through their national associations, work effectively to continuously improve Health, Safety and Environmental performance across the entire value chain.