Doha, Qatar: Aamal Medical, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aamal Company has signed an agreement with Radar Healthcare to provide Qatar’s chosen Healthcare Incident Reporting and Learning System for nationwide implementation.

This strategic initiative aims to reinforce and streamline the delivery of safe and high-quality healthcare services throughout the country, in alignment with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and associated National Health Strategy.

Radar Healthcare, renowned for its award-winning approach, will play a pivotal role in advancing the goals of Qatar’s healthcare sector. The primary objective is to establish a comprehensive learning system that goes beyond incident reporting by promoting the sharing of valuable insights and fostering a culture of continuous improvements across all healthcare organisations.

Bringing over 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector, Aamal Medical’s wealth of extensive experience will ensure the development of this project efficiently and at a high level of quality, bringing knowledge and expertise across sourcing, consultancy, and distribution.

Implementing Radar Healthcare’s system marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of excellence in patient safety, risk management, and compliance. By centralising incident management, audit processes, and quality improvement plans, healthcare organisations will enhance patient safety, reduce risks, and increase operational efficiency.

Radar Healthcare’s system boasts several key features contributing to its effectiveness in healthcare management. Firstly, it employs a Risk-Based Approach, prioritising a methodology centred around risk to comprehensively manage quality, patient safety, and compliance.

Secondly, the system provides a Centralized Solution, offering a unified platform for incident management, audit processes, and quality improvement plans.

A notable feature is the Continuous Learning Loop integrated into the system. By combining incident data, reporting metrics, insights, and outcomes, the system facilitates an ongoing cycle of learning and improvement.

Moreover, the system leverages Electronic Patient Record Triggers, aligning with the principles outlined by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Through these triggers, Radar Healthcare identifies adverse events, near misses, and potential harm in real-time.

Gokhan Ozkan, General Manager of Aamal Medical commented, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Radar Healthcare as the chosen healthcare incident reporting and learning system. Together, we commit to delivering advanced healthcare, fostering patient-focused solutions, and building a healthier future for all. At Aamal Medical, we are on a constant journey of innovation and excellence in healthcare. This agreement marks the beginning of another powerful partnership, ensuring the highest standards of care for all.”

Paul Johnson, CEO at Radar Healthcare, expressed his pride in being an integral part of Qatar’s national healthcare strategy, stating, “To be a fundamental part of this national implementation strategy across Qatar is testament to the passion everyone has to drive continuous improvement in healthcare. Being the central platform for all healthcare organizations to get to the core of lessons learned is another step forward in our vision to make a real difference in outcomes.”

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