The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Appolonia Dental Group have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance oral and dental health for students in private schools in Dubai.

The agreement aims to improve healthcare services in private schools in Dubai, raise awareness about the importance of oral health in the school community, and align with government directives and international medical standards.

Dr. Ramadan Al Blooshi, Director of Public Health Protection Department at the DHA, and Dr. Yaser Haj Hamed, Chairman and Managing Director of Appolonia and Synergy Dental Group, signed the MoU. The initiative includes regular dental check-up visits, educational programmes for students, faculty, and parents, as well as training programmes for medical staff in private schools in Dubai, following global medical best practices.

Dr. Al Blooshi stated that DHA consistently works to establish fruitful partnerships with relevant stakeholders, including the private healthcare sector in Dubai. This collaboration aims to enhance healthcare systems' standards and quality.

He highlighted the capabilities of the private healthcare sector in Dubai and emphasised the importance of leveraging these capabilities through collaboration to benefit the community and promote individuals' health, especially students who are a priority in healthcare and health protection programmes implemented by the DHA.

Dr. Al Blooshi explained that the MoU signed today with Appolonia Dental Group for children's dental care is a significant support for the DHA's efforts to expand the scope and role of the private healthcare sector in the care system, especially in preventive and educational aspects. He commended the sector's many initiatives aimed at providing the community with high-quality medical services.

Dr. Yaser emphasised the importance of collaborating with the Dubai Health Authority to enhance oral and dental health for students in schools.

He highlighted the need for a rehabilitation and training program for medical staff in schools, as well as providing appropriate healthcare services.