Marking the International Day of Happiness and as part of its pioneering efforts to upskill and empower employees, Emirates Health Services (EHS) has launched the Strategy for Happiness and Wellbeing, which aims to improve the work environment, and promote happiness among staff members by engaging both employees and leadership in the strategy.

The launch ceremony, organised by EHS at its headquarters in Dubai, was attended by Dr. Yousif Mohammed Al Serkal, Director-General of EHS, along with executive directors, department heads, and a number of employees from various EHS-affiliated health facilities.

Adnan Al Riyami, Chief Executive of Happiness and Wellbeing, and Director of Human Resources at EHS, said, “Launching the Strategy for Happiness and Wellbeing is a continuation of our efforts at Emirates Health Services to improve the work environment. The Strategy plays a critical role in boosting EHS’ competitiveness at the local and international levels, enabling it to achieve its strategic objectives, which are consistent with those of the National Programme for Happiness and Wellbeing, and the aspirations of our wise government.”

“The strategy will be implemented at all EHS-affiliated health facilities that strives to spread happiness and positivity in the work environment by focusing on two key objectives, the first of which is making sure all employees feel empowered and happy, while the second consists of establishing a happy human capital with a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Given EHS’ commitment to ensuring the wellbeing of its employees, we launched this strategy to promote a corporate culture that enhances the sense of belonging, improves teamwork, and provides an empowering work environment that encourages innovation and development. This includes ensuring employees’ happiness and wellbeing, enabling them to find value in their work, boosting performance levels, and enhancing operational efficiency,” Al Riyami added.

Al Riyami explained that by launching the strategy, EHS strives to build and manage effective strategic partnerships to enhance flexibility, develop capabilities, raise the quality of services, achieve financial efficiency, boost global competitiveness, and develop comprehensive and integrated health and treatment services that adhere to medical best practice and digital health standards. It also aims to promote healthy lifestyles for various segments of the community by developing public, preventative, and mental health programmes, he noted, applauding the team’s efforts to develop this strategy and implement it across all EHS health facilities.