The Dubai Stem Cell Congress, held in Dubai over two days, concluded with valuable scientific discussions and significant attendance from global physicians and specialists. The conference sessions focused on the latest treatments in regenerative medicine and the impact of scientific research on stem cells in developing treatment techniques for various diseases such as cancer, thalassemia, and diabetes. Additionally, the congress showcased the inspiring recovery journeys of patients who had been given new hope through stem cell therapy.

The Dubai Stem Cell Congress held special significance as it aimed to offer a potential cure for all diseases in the future. Cord blood, previously and still largely discarded, possesses immense value. Its significance lies in containing millions of stem cells that can be isolated in laboratories and utilised to treat incurable diseases. Moreover, it could benefit relatives or even unrelated individuals if donations were open to others. Stem cell therapy represents hope for many patients.

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This year, the congress aimed to elevate the level of scientific sessions by attracting 30 international speakers in the stem cell sector, including 18 speakers from the United States. This diverse exchange of ideas and innovations was led by important figures like Dr. Essam Abdelalim, Principal Investigator at Sidra Medicine. His work on pluripotent stem cells focused on understanding the basic physiology needed to develop diabetes and produce functional pancreatic cells for potential use in cell therapy. Additionally, esteemed speakers like Dr. Zainab Al Shareef shed light on the role of stem cells in treating prostate cancer, supporting the advancement of scientific knowledge in this sector.

During the main session, in-depth discussions delved into the biological and genetic mechanisms underlying stem cells, aiming to comprehend their developmental processes and explore enhanced therapeutic approaches for managing diabetes. The focal point was directing research findings towards designing personalised and safe treatments, a significant challenge that underscores the pivotal role of scientists. They emphasised the necessity of developing precise data storage and analysis methods to optimise their utilisation in diagnosis and treatment protocols. The invaluable insights shared by scientists and doctors offer promising avenues for advancements in stem cell science.

Dr. Fatma Al Hashimi, Chairperson of the DSCC and Director of Hortman Stem Cell Laboratory, stated, "The congress on its second day discussed scientific developments in the field of stem cells, with discussions focusing on the importance of data and stem cells in developing treatments for stubborn diseases and advancing new techniques. Today, the Dubai Stem Cell Conference brought together over 30 international experts and partners in the sector to achieve our goal of increasing scientific awareness and sharing the latest developments in gene therapy, stem cell technologies, and innovative applications. What distinguishes the events of the second day of the conference are the impactful moments and survival stories shared by patients who recovered due to stem cell therapy, along with their attendance. Notable among them are the stories of Mahra Naji Mousa Ali Aldarmaki, who shared her survival story and the role of her brother Mohammed in her difficult recovery journey, in addition to Diane Paradise and Linda Kosinski."

Dr. Fatma Al Hashimi emphasised the importance of preserving individuals' cord blood units and donating them, as they contribute to treating many blood-related diseases and cancers, pointing out the significant role of donation in enabling more patients worldwide to have a new chance at life.

The congress was defined by its humanitarian mission, offering hope to patients battling persistent diseases and fostering a platform for scientists and researchers to exchange insights and expertise. The event culminated with a tribute to academics, speakers, and students, reinforcing the commitment to scientific advancement and cultivating an environment that fosters innovation and research.

The Dubai Stem Cell Congress is organised by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions Organisation LLC, a member of INDEX Holding. Supported by the Dubai Health Authority, the two-day congress offers 13 CME points to participants