Riyadh: The Saline Water Conversion Corporation has announced implementing a project of photovoltaic solar cells systems (PV), including parts on water surfaces with a generation capacity of 110 megawatts, which aims at enhancing applications of renewable energy in the desalination industry and reducing energy consumption used from the grid to less than 2.16 kilowatts for cubic meter and over 20% of the consumption average of design energy that stands at an average of 2.7 kilowatts per hour for one cubic meter for the desalination system that is being established in Al-Jubail area with a production capacity of more than one million cubic meters per day as one of the biggest plant in the world operating with the reverse osmosis technology and the least in terms of electricity consumption among plants with big production capacities.

The project is part of several schemes that the corporation works on with the aim of providing 300 million Metric Million British Thermal Units (MMBTU) of the consumption of natural gas, in addition to reducing fluid fuel to 10 million tons annually by 2024, which will contribute to reducing operational costs and realizing the highest environmental standards and reducing carbon emissions to up to 34 million tons of carbon emissions, in line with the environmental standards and the Saudi Green Initiative.

The Saline Water Conversion Corporation has mobile plants that were designed and manufactured by the corporation itself , which rely on solar energy with a consumption rate not exceeding 2.27 kilowatts for one cubic meter, which is a new world record for this category, where the corporation seeks to reduce power consumption in these mobile plants to reach 2 kilowatts.