Pakistani start-up Zyp Technologies will launch electric bikes very soon after successfully raising $1.2 million in seed capital investment led by Indus Valley Capital.

Hassan Khan, co-founder and chief executive of Zyp Technologies, said the company’s Zum 2000 model is expected to be launched either this month or the next.

Zum 2000, a utility motorcycle, has been engineered to be gender-neutral and focused on delivery riders, enabling day-long deliveries at a significantly reduced cost compared to other options.

There had been a delay in the launch due to paperwork on the bike’s licence plate. The company has also established an assembly line capable of producing up to 8,000 motorcycles annually. It aims to roll out the bike in the UAE and other Gulf countries in 2025.


Khan revealed that the three models of the e-bike would be launched, costing around $750-$800 (Dh2,750- Dh2,935; Rs225,000-Rs240,000) in retail upon the launch.

The bike will have an average 70km range and can go up to 85km in Mode 1. It will have a speed limit of 40km per hour, a battery capacity of 1.8KWh and a load capacity of up to 240kg. It will be equipped with front and rear brake disks, a smart mobile app, GPS tracking, an anti-theft alarm, 17-inch wheels and a seating capacity for three people.

“Zyp is building beautiful vehicles; as we know, everyone is tired of the same 40-plus-year-old motorcycle designs and copycat approaches to EVs. Pakistan deserves better,” said Hassan Khan.

“Pakistan Govt’s EV Policy was the triggering point which brought all founders together. Successive governments must hold and evolve the policy to reduce Pakistan’s dependence on oil and to help ensure our cities have clean air once again,” he added.

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