The port system authority of the southern Adriatic Sea (AdSPMAM) has successfully tested a 30 KW wind turbine with vertical axis generator, installed on Quay N, the Italian News Agency (ANSA).

ANSA said that 18 of the first section of Molo Foraneo, in the commercial zone of the Bari port.

A statement said that it was the first pilot project in a port in Italy and that it will substantially reduce the use of electricity. Even more important, the plant is able to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

AdSPMAM has said that wind power in that area will result in an average annual production of about 39 KWH of electricity. Through "exchange counters", the energy brought into the network. will make it possible to reduce energy bills.

Faced with such significant electricity production, about 18,600 kg less of CO2 is expected to be released into the atmosphere.

"Our ports network," AdSPMAM president Ugo Patroni Griffi said, "stands out in Italy and Europe for a series of pioneering projects that were started successfully and aim for protecting the environment through sustainable use of natural resources."