As the number of Golden Visa holders in the UAE increase by the day, insurance packages are being rolled out to tap the high-net-worth individuals.

The premium for the Golden Visa holders starts from as little as Dh2,393 which provides a coverage limit of up to Dh300,000, according to the National Health Insurance Company (Daman), a leading health insurance provider in the UAE.

Data available on the company’s website showed Enhanced Gold package starts from Dh4,985 with annual coverage of Dh2.5 million while the Premier package starts from Dh39,857 per year which provides a coverage limit of Dh20 million to the Golden Visa holders in the UAE.

The package also providers 180-day coverage outside the UAE during holidays or business trips.

More than 65,000 businessmen, professionals, students and investors have received the Golden Visa in Dubai.

In March 2022, the Abu Dhabi Residents Office (Adro) signed a deal with health insurance firms to provide exclusive benefits for holders of the Golden Visa in the UAE Capital.

Under the agreement, Golden Visa holders will enjoy reduced premiums on annual health insurance plans for families and individuals, with diverse network coverage and a bundle of benefits inside and outside the UAE.

In October, the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) updated the health insurance requirements for Golden Visa applicants to make the application process easier for all those applying from inside and outside of the country.

The guidelines related to health insurance and issuing of Golden Visa were separated into two main categories. The first category was dedicated to employees working in Abu Dhabi, whom their employers must continue to bear the costs of their health insurance. The second category includes self-employed residents who will be required to apply for health insurance for themselves and their family members while ensuring the validity of the health insurance throughout the duration of the period that they reside in the UAE.