Emphasising passenger safety as the top priority, Al Joker highlighted collaborative efforts among airport teams, partners, and airlines to ensure a swift return to normalcy and support affected travellers.

Regarding the efforts made over the past hours and days, Al Joker emphasised that the airport's response and emergency teams, various departments and strategic partners, and airlines have worked extensively to coordinate efforts to return to normal on the one hand, and to support and assist affected passengers and guests on the other.

He also stated that the entities that have worked and are still working to restore the situation to what it was before include a variety of private and government departments, as well as entities from inside and outside the airport.

The COO of Dubai Airports noted to the ongoing communication with passengers to address needs such as refreshments, flight rescheduling, or rebooking.

"While most airlines are operating, the situation remains dynamic, prompting travellers to contact their respective airlines for up-to-date information.”

Dubai Airports commended the dedicated staff for their tireless work in ensuring guest comfort and safety, expressing gratitude for travellers' understanding during this period.