TDRA presents telecom infrastructure readiness at GITEX 2021

Shows the high readiness of the telecommunications sector in the UAE

Day 1 at GITEX Technology Week, the world’s biggest technology show this year. Image courtesy Dubai Media Office Twitter handle.

Day 1 at GITEX Technology Week, the world’s biggest technology show this year. Image courtesy Dubai Media Office Twitter handle.

DUBAI - The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) is showcasing an interactive presentation entitled "TDRA everywhere", as part of its participation in GITEX Technology Week 2021, which runs until 21st October at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

"TDRA everywhere" shows the high readiness of the telecommunications sector in the UAE in the event of any malfunction in global cables that could result in interruption of Internet service or communications. It highlighted that the telecom structure in the UAE is interconnected with the world through 13 submarine cables, which means the distribution of usage loads among them in the event of defect in one of the cables, in addition to the availability of satellite communications services and land cables, which are an alternative to submarine cables.

Through this presentation, TDRA takes its stand’s visitors on a creative virtual journey to learn about the strategic role of the telecommunications sector in mitigating the effects of crises and emergencies in all its forms, and overcoming those effects to ensure life continuity.

Speaking on the occasion, Abdulrahman Al Naser, Senior Manager of Telecom Infrastructure and Standards at TDRA, said, "Nowadays, the telecommunications sector plays a key role that increases in times of emergencies, crises and disasters of all kinds, whether they are natural such as hurricanes, floods, etc., or the result of human action such as traffic accidents, fires and others.

"In the UAE, the role of the telecommunications sector is integrated with other sectors to provide a safe, stable and resilient society in which its various members can work, learn and innovate, and because the role telecom may not be visible to members of society, we offer, in our current participation in GITEX Technology Week, an interactive entertaining experience based on gamification. It shows visitors the importance of the telecommunications sector in overcoming various types of risks and threats that could compromise the safety and security of community members and institutions." The project is divided into four parts: the telecom sector saves lives, mobile telecom networks, the continuation of communications services in the event of power loss, and the global communications sector.

Each part of the journey shows the expected challenges and solutions provided by the telecommunications sector to overcome the challenges. The visitors go through an interactive simulation experience that shows the importance of telecom in various aspects of life, and the journey ends by delivering a message to the visitors summarising the experience they lived.

The first part of the project "the telecom sector saves lives" highlights FAZAA’s eCall system, which sends a direct message in the event of a traffic accident to the competent authorities, including information about the driver, passengers, the accident location and the expected condition of the injured, in order to ensure the fastest possible response.

The second part of the project sheds light on the mobile communication network stations on vehicles, which are used in case of emergency to enhance the coverage of telecom networks in areas of crisis. The third part of the project showcases buildings equipped with backup power units, which contribute to continuation of work of the communication network stations in the event of a sudden power loss. The fourth part of the project showcases submarine cables and TDRA’s plans if one or a number of cables are exposed to malfunctions or technical problems.

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