Sharjah Business Women Council to Support Startup Businesses at Annual Investment Meeting

Five women-owned companies showcase businesses to attract investors

SBWC booth at AIM

SBWC booth at AIM


The Sharjah Business Women Council (SBWC) is sponsoring five female business owners at the Annual Investment Meeting startup 2018 (AIM startup) to showcase their businesses, attend world-class workshops, connect with potential business partners and pitch to business backers and investors.

The eighth edition of AIM, one of the world's leading gatherings of business strategists, industrialists and academics, highlights the latest entrepreneurial advances, hosts international networking opportunities and shares guidance on attracting foreign direct investment. One of its main events is AIM Startup, where the five Sharjah businesswomen will showcase their businesses, innovations, products and services alongside 200 other startups.

SWBC, one of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment’s (NAMA) entities, will showcase its programmes, initiatives, achievements and future goals to thousands of international visitors to the three-day event, which is being held at Dubai World Trade Centre from April 9-11.

Over the first two days of the exhibition, the startups will be shortlisted to pitch their businesses to a panel of judges and investors, to attract capital support and win cash prizes. AIM startup will also arrange meetings for all participating startups with relevant investors, business partners, and corporate and government representatives.

Renowned industrialists, business figures and thought leaders will join AIM Startup’s full day conference to share their expertise and insights on current trends and future technology in an interactive setting, helping young companies to set realistic goals and achieve best business practices.

Sheikha Hind Majid Al Qassimi, Acting Chairperson of SBWC, said: “The number of startups owned and managed by women is increasing at a rate we have never seen before and their ambition, professionalism and will to succeed has never been greater. This is a new generation of female entrepreneurs who know that they are an integral part of the UAE’s economy and an invaluable asset to the prosperity of the nation.”

“By sponsoring these entrepreneurs’ participation in this event, Sharjah Business Women Council continues to support businesswomen in every way possible and provide them with the opportunity to reach their target audience, attract the investment they deserve and realise their business potential in a highly competitive marketplace.”

The five businesswomen being sponsored by SBWC are:

Dr. Mariam Abdulla Ketait, Founder of Alrowaiha, whose healthcare, wellbeing and design company developed the revolutionary Alrowaiha meditation chair, inspired by the Emirati heritage to help people reconnect with themselves and nature.

Dr. Maiam says: “Alrowaiha is a space of wellbeing, to reconnect with yourself and find peace. My aim is to inspire change through sustainable design.”

Reem Alhammadi, CEO & Founder of jewellery design company Taber Al Reem, which was established in 2017.

She says: “Gold is one of the oldest jewellery inherited through generations. Some women prefer to wear simple gold, such as bracelets, rings and necklaces for everyday use, which inspired me to start designing my own unique pieces.”

Nabitou Macalou, whose e-commerce company Al Thamarat E Trading was established earlier this year, organises campaigns for charities or members of the public to collect money for parties, projects and gifts.

Nabitou says: “We are building a website to facilitate charity donations or gift collections between friends. We are also trying to partner with leading charities in the UAE where donations can be made in just one click.”

Suad Ajmal is the CEO and Founder of the software development company KAAD Developers, which was established in early 2017. KAAD helps entrepreneurs in the UAE and across the region develop their ideas and visions into a technical product.

Suad says: “We undertake MVP development in terms of website and mobile applications to benefit startups to the point where they can be self-sustainable through traction and funding and can have their own personal technical team to help them out.”

Amel Aljasmi is the Co-founder of environmental and sustainability company Fenbits Technology Solutions, which has developed a water quality monitoring robotic boat, and is in the prototype stages of a BluePhin autonomous water drone to remove plastic waste across marinas, beaches, canals and creeks as well as specially-designed floating aerator units. Fenbits was established in August 2017.

Amel says: “Our innovative products and technologies focus primarily in providing a smart, robust and efficient method for cleaning our precious water resources and combatting plastic pollution.”

NAMA’s core philosophy is to raise awareness that women are an indispensable human resource for the development of every nation. NAMA was conceived to go beyond the remit of supporting women and ensuring gender equality to a broader scope that aims to see women become influential key members of society, thereby enabling them to climb the ladder of success.

It encourages policies and legislation to support women and actively pursues programmes that support gender integration.

Sharjah Business Women Council, Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council, Badiri Education and Development, fall under the umbrella of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment.

The primary goal of the Sharjah Business Women Council is to encourage women to excel in the field of business and to facilitate the healthy growth of women-owned businesses. Sharjah Business Women Council was established in 2002 to create and enhance the work environment for women and train and prepare women to enter private economic activities that will lead to greater social and economic development. To achieve this, SBWC carries out a range of programmes and activities including conferences, seminars, workshops and research. It also forges partnerships with government and private organisations and foundations in the UAE and beyond.


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