01 November, 2015

RTA's UITP MENA Congress & Exhibition Committee meets UITP at Belgium

RTA's UITP MENA Congress  Exhibition Committee meets UITP at Belgium

01 November 2015
Roads and Transport Authority - Nashwan Attaa'ee: The Chairman and Members of the Higher Organizing Committee for hosting the UITP MENA Congress & Exhibition have recently met the Chairman and Members of the UITP (International Association of Public Transport) at the Belgium capital Brussels. The meeting discussed coordinating joint efforts and briefing the UITP on the latest developments relating to preparations of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) for hosting the 5th UITP MENA Congress & Exhibition 2016.

"The RTA is very keen on the success of this global event, thanks to the unlimited support accorded by the Government of Dubai, and the relentless efforts it makes in raising the profile of the UAE in general and Dubai in particular in the field of public transport, congresses, and exhibitions industry worldwide," said Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, RTA Board Member cum Chairman of the Higher Organizing Committee for hosting the UITP MENA Congress & Exhibition.

"We are keen on making such visits to the premises of the UITP to keep abreast of the latest public transport developments, exchange expertise, and enhance joint cooperation between the two parties. The meeting was also intended to study the papers to be presented during the Congress, especially topics related to innovation, creativity, and keep pace with the global trends in this field. It was also a great opportunity to review the best practices of joint committees of marketing, transportation, protocols, sponsorship packages, hospitality, and accompanying entertainment events.

"The Congress and the accompanying exhibition will offer a splendid opportunity to familiarize participants and visitors of Dubai from all over the globe with the advanced technologies and smart systems provided by the RTA to public transport riders in the context of bolstering the endeavours of the Emirate to be the smartest city in the world," added Al Mulla.

"Conferences & exhibitions industry plays a vital role in augmenting revenues and the domestic revenue of the UAE, thanks to the commercial deals to be made at the sidelines of the event between manufacturers and a host of executives and decision makers in the field of public transport and infrastructure who will be attending from the region and the world over. Such conventions and exhibitions will also cement the leading role enjoyed by the UAE in this regard.

"In April 2011, Dubai made an outstanding success in staging the 59th UITP World Congress & Exhibition which was attended by more than 2000 delegates and attracted 9000 visitors from 80 countries. The exhibition covered an area of more than 30,000 square meters, and the 59th renewal of the Congress was noted as a milestone in the history of the UITP considering the records that have surpassed expectations in terms of quality service, number of attendees, and business prospects generated. It confirmed that Dubai has delivered on its promises, rather exceeded expectations thanks to its impressive and versatile experience it has gained in this line of industry. More important, the UAE, represented by the Emirate of Dubai, has been making successive successes in this field despite the exceptional circumstances experienced by several countries in the region. This can only refer to the wisdom of the UAE leadership and its shrewd vision in managing the state of affairs under crises," added Al Mulla.

"This prosperous hosting of the UITP World Congress in 2011 has brought about two key benefits to Dubai. The first is that the UITP has signed a strategic partnership agreement for 10 years with the RTA for hosting the UITP MENA Congress & Exhibition biennially in Dubai up to 2024; which will boost the confidence of the international community in the efforts and commitment of Dubai towards raising the image of public transport means in the region. The second benefit accruing Dubai is the establishment of the MENA Center for Transport Excellence in Dubai," concluded Al Mulla.

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