Rolls Royce Group, in cooperation with its strategic partner in Egypt, (INDE), held a press conference in the presence of a group of consultants and a high-level delegation of representatives of Rolls-Royce, and a group of those interested in the field of electricity generation and experts in the field of Data Center, to discuss developments in the electricity sector and the latest German MTU technology, power generation solutions that consume less fuel and have fewer carbon emissions, which is available in Rolls Royce generators.

Eng. Shady Rashid, the company’s general manager, explained that INDE is the agent for MTU A Rolls Royce solution generators in Egypt, which are used in drinking water and sanitation projects, communications fields, and power generation for use in backup applications such as hospitals and commercial malls, working continuously in agriculture and Microgrid projects, and one of the sessions will take place. Discussion on what technology has reached in manufacturing generators and achieving Net-Zero using biofuels, as well as a discussion of the features of MTU products that make them most suitable in the fields of drinking water and sanitation.

The MTU machine has been used with major contracting companies, including Arab Contractors, Hassan Allam, Al Rowad, and Metito, and in the largest electrical power generation projects using natural gas with a capacity of 26 megawatts with EMC - San Masr.

In the field of Data Center and support for the communications sector, the company has conducted technical studies for electricity generation projects through gas and micro-grid projects. The company’s plan for the coming period depends on communications projects, especially since the MTU machine exceeds the technical specifications for these applications.

It is worth noting that the Industrial Engineering co. was established in 1986, which includes several departments within it, the most important of which is the department for manufacturing plastic and sheet car parts, with the largest car producers in Egypt and Africa, General Motors, and the Pullman bicycle manufacturing department, 75% Egyptian-made, in addition to being an agent for MTU generators and German MTU marine engines. A leader in the manufacture of electricity generation engines. The capacity of diesel generators ranges from 450 KVA to 4000 KVA, and the capacity of gas generators ranges from 250 kW to 2500 kW, which are used in various fields of power generation.

Eng. Shady Rashid said that INDE is a national company that contributes to supporting the Egyptian industry and confirms that Egypt, with its rational and conscious leadership, is capable of global competition in the field of industry, with highly efficient products that match international technical specifications for such industries. The company’s goal is to cooperate with international companies such as Rolls Royce to localize Manufactured in Egypt.

Mr. Dennis Zumbach, Director Sales Power Generation EMEA, expressed his gratitude for the presence of their equipment in the Egyptian market for 55 years in strategic partnership with INDE Company.

Pointing out that Rolls Royce Group gives the market overwhelming confidence, especially in the recent past and the rapid growth it has witnessed and the facilitations granted by the state to investment and investors.

He said, “We hope to invest more in the Egyptian market and benefit from the expertise therein.”

Zumbach added that Rolls Royce generators have lower fuel consumption compared to their counterparts, lower carbon emissions, and provide high reliability to save energy for the most sensitive uses such as hospitals, data centers, and water and sanitation projects.