Cairo – Somabay proudly unveils the establishment of an unmatched Golf Academy, with a groundbreaking initiative as the first of its kind in the Red Sea region. The Somabay Golf Academy, eagerly awaited by enthusiasts, extends its services to adults and juniors worldwide, with a persistent commitment to preparing aspiring professional golf players.

Distinguished by its endless dedication, the Academy's mission is to nurture golf skills from the age of 6, under the supervision of elite golf professionals, laying the foundation for future excellence in the sport. The academy operates under the technical supervision of the Egyptian Golf Federation and in accordance with the technical rules established by the federation. It follows the directives to promote golf in the Red Sea region, aiming to discover new talents and to increase the number of golf practitioners. Golf distinguishes itself as a unique sport, being the sole family-oriented activity that facilitates simultaneous participation for both children and parents.

We have recently unveiled our new top-notch facilities at the Somabay Golf Academy, featuring a 9-hole par 3 course, a 27-hole Scoring Arena and a spacious driving range. These outstanding amenities were crafted by the renowned international designers Tim Lobb and James Edward.

In a significant event hosted by Somabay Golf and in collaboration with the respected Egyptian Golf Federation, the Academy welcomed Mr. Geoff Swain, the renowned World Golf Trick Shot Champion, Presenter, MC, and Compere. This special entertaining gathering took place in January, at the Academy's Driving Range.

Widely recognized as an international golf icon, Mr. Geoff Swain, a world champion in Golf tricks, made a visit to Somabay. His visit was a sentiment of the exceptional facilities that distinguish Somabay Golf Academy from other globally recognized golf clubs.

This noteworthy event reinforced the Academy's dedication to enhancing the golfing experience. As Somabay continues to set new standards in the world of golf, the Somabay Golf Academy stands as a symbol of excellence, ready to shape the futures of aspiring golf champions.

Mr. Ashraf El Siessy, Chief Hospitality Officer, expressed heartfelt pride in Somabay's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional facilities for golf enthusiasts. He remarked, "Somabay has always been keen and committed to delivering top-notch and high-class facilities for all golfers. This dedication has solidified Somabay's standing as an elite golf destination, attracting sports enthusiasts from around the world. Our picturesque location with breathtaking views of the Red Sea shoreline adds to the allure, making Somabay a haven for those seeking a cutting-edge golf experience."

As stated by Engineer Ayman Hussein, President of the Egyptian Golf Federation: "We take great pride in inaugurating the first golf academy in the Red Sea region at Soma Bay, dedicated to diligently preparing distinguished golf players capable of international competition. The Federation remains committed to supporting and enhancing the sport of golf in collaboration with Soma Bay, equipped with all the necessary facilities, including courses, hotels, and diverse amenities, with the aim of elevating the standard of golf in Egypt and achieving global competitiveness in various tournaments."

In addition, Mr. Mohamed Atallah, Director of Golf and Sports Development, expressed gratitude towards the federation for their endless support, which played a pivotal role in establishing the academy as the first of its kind in the Red Sea region. He elaborated, stating, "Our academy stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts that have propelled us to this historic moment. Thanks to the federation's support, the Somabay Golf Academy is positioned to provide junior golfers with unmatched access to professional classes and world-class practice facilities. Our goal is to prepare the next generation of professional golf players, ensuring they benefit from the outstanding 27-hole expanse, including par 3 courses, and a scoring arena, setting new benchmarks in the world of golf." Mr. Atallah emphasized the academy's commitment to preparing aspiring golf champions by offering a comprehensive and enriching learning environment.

About Somabay

Somabay is a prime touristic destination in Egypt, idyllically situated on the Red Sea’s coast (just a 20-minute drive from Hurghada International Airport and only a 4-hour flight from Central Europe). Nestled on 10 million square meters of landmass, the self-contained community of Somabay is surrounded by sea on three sides. The resort site boasts some of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Red Sea and panoramic views of desert mountains. Life at Somabay is where fantasy scapes follow you wherever you go, and sun-drenched activities take infinite elevating forms. Home to 5 luxury resort hotels and a signature portfolio of residential properties, Somabay’s one-of-a-kind settings with its full complement of premium amenities are the stage for incomparable experiences alongside friends and family.