Al-Othman: The new card will be customers’ companion 24/7, giving them valuable cashback on their daily purchases

We are committed to serve all customers’ needs through unmatched products offering the best benefits

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) always seeks to reward its customers and ensure providing them with innovative products serving their needs and enhancing their banking experience. In this context, the bank has launched the new NBK 247 Cashback Visa Platinum Prepaid Card offering customers up to 24% cashback on their daily purchases.

Customers will be able to transfer their daily spends from their debit card to the new prepaid card to get cashback of 24% on streaming services (Payment should be done through the streaming app or website and not through any other service provider), 7% on Food delivery (food delivery applications, it doesn’t include ordering directly from the restaurant), 4% on Bill payments (Telecom bills that are paid through the app or website of the telecom companies or through any of their branches, and not through any service provider), 2% on Grocery, 2% on Hospitals, clinics and pharmacies and 0.7% on Digital payments (made using digital wallets).

One of the first 1,000 customers to apply for the card will get the opportunity to meet the beloved star Mohamed Salah. Noting that date and place to meet the star will be confirmed later on by the bank.

Customers can apply for the card through NBK Mobile Banking App and once they enroll the card in the digital wallet, they will be able to use the card immediately. Now and for the first time, customers will have the option of using a digital card or choosing to issue a physical card.

Speaking on the new card, (name) (designation), Consumer Banking Group at National Bank of Kuwait said, “At NBK, we always strive to provide our customers with new products tailored to their needs. As the name suggests, the newly introduced NBK 247 Cashback Visa Platinum Prepaid Card will be customers’ companion 24/7, giving them valuable cashback on their daily purchases.”

“The new card launch comes within NBK’s consistent endeavors to be always closer to its customers and to serve all their banking needs through unmatched products providing the best benefits,” he noted.

“We also wanted to provide customers with the unique opportunity to meet global icon Mohamed Salah who is loved worldwide, being one of the best soccer players of his generation, with unprecedented achievements over the span of his career,” he added.

"We're delighted to partner with NBK to reward their Visa cardholders with innovative products that meet their needs and enhance their payment experience. The launch of the NBK 247 Cashback Visa Platinum Prepaid Card is a prime example of this commitment," said Mohamed Reyad, Visa's Head of Financial Institutions in Kuwait.

NBK provides an array of prepaid cards which offer numerous benefits, while helping customers spend their money confidently and conveniently, making sure they never go over their budget.