Mamun, A crowd-financing platform providing embedded financial services and wealth-building solutions., has announced a strategic partnership with Numa, the leading financial technology company providing professional banking solutions for freelancers, creators, and self-employed professionals in the Arab world. This collaboration aims to create a unique circular economy proposition, providing freelancers and creators access to finance and wealth products that directly support and enhance their ecosystem.

Numa, formerly known as Banki, is building a professional banking solutions suite tailored to the needs of over 40 million underbanked freelancers and creators in the Arab world. Traditional banking does not work for self-employed professionals, and Numa addresses this gap with services including virtual IBANs, virtual VISA cards, transfers, business growth tools, and a supportive community, all under one roof. Through this partnership, Mamun will leverage Numa’s robust platform to deliver comprehensive financial solutions, ensuring freelancers and creators have the necessary tools to manage and grow their finances effectively.

“This partnership marks a significant milestone for both Mamun and Numa,” said Saleh Al Tamami, CEO of Mamun. “By combining our expertise in crowd financing  & wealth with Numa’s innovative financial growth platform, we are creating a sustainable ecosystem that empowers freelancers and creators. Our goal is to provide them with the financial resources and tools they need to thrive in their respective fields.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Mamun,” said  Loay Malahmeh, CEO of Numa. “This partnership will enable us to expand our offerings and provide even more value to our users. Together, we are committed to supporting the financial growth and stability of freelancers and creators across the Arab world.”

Through this partnership, Mamun and Numa will offer a suite of financial products and services designed to meet the unique needs of freelancers and creators. This includes access to flexible financing options, wealth management tools, and opportunities for community engagement and collaboration.

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About Mamun

Mamun delivers financing through a direct and embedded model to SMBs, powered by crowd financing. Our platform brings together businesses, financial institutions (FIs), and retail investors in a singular proposition, democratizing access to financial services and investment opportunities. By fostering financial inclusion and growth, Mamun aims to empower SMBs with the capital they need to thrive while providing investors with unique opportunities to grow their wealth. Founded by the Tamami Brothers (Saleh and Mohamed) and Ahmed Al Issai.

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About Numa

Founded by CEO Loay Malahmeh and CTO Issam Najm, Numa is a fintech platform that provides digital banking & business services tailored to freelancers, creators and micro businesses in the MENA region. Numa believes that the future is freelance and is on a mission to bridge the financial services gap to freelancers, creators and microbusiness. Numa offers a suite of tools designed to support the unique needs of its users, from digital payments to business and tax management.

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