The GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre plans to join the ninth mega project management forum set to occur in Cairo, Egypt, from April 14 to 16, 2024. During its participation, the Centre will delve into the latest dispute settlement mechanisms discussed at this global gathering.

Encouraging all interested parties to seize this opportunity, the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre assures its readiness to facilitate participation by providing necessary resources and offering discounts for attendees. This initiative reflects the Centre's commitment to advancing and promoting the practice of commercial arbitration within the Arab and international communities. By nurturing capabilities in this dynamic field, characterized by rapid evolution and lucrative prospects, the Centre aims to foster personal and professional growth and stimulate institutional and business development.

The Centre has highlighted that the "Ninth Mega Projects Management Forum" will address several crucial topics such as energy, contracting, construction, transport and logistics, smart cities, sports and entertainment. The forum will feature three workshops focusing on contemporary approaches to managing law firms, commercial arbitration, regulations governing mega projects, the role of legal departments in mega project management, and legal cases and arbitration related to these projects.

The participation of senior executives, project managers, and leaders from engineering, consulting, law, and tourism departments in countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Lebanon, the United Kingdom, Italy, and others is emphasized. This diverse participation offers an excellent opportunity to enhance the knowledge and expertise of those interested in the field.

The GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre's invitation to attend this forum is grounded in the effort to raise awareness about the significance of arbitration in resolving disputes across various sectors, particularly in mega projects. The goal is to ensure timely project implementation and swift, flexible, and effective resolution of any disputes that may arise among participating parties. This initiative aligns with the Centre's new strategy, aiming to establish itself as one of the most significant commercial arbitration Centres on the international stage, evident in its regional and global presence.

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