• With $6 million of $LVLY token already sold in a strategic pre-sale round, the token’s public release in July strengthens Lyvely’s position to dominate the creator economy.

Dubai: Lyvely, a pioneering and award-winning Super Media Platform has announced the launch of its $LVLY Token in mid-July this year. With over $6 million of $LVLY token already sold as part of a strategic pre-launch sale, the upcoming public offering is part of the company’s wider vision to redefine monetization opportunities for digital creators and viewers alike.

Backed by global Bitcoin mining & blockchain tech conglomerate, Phoenix Group, and crypto investment firm Cypher Capital, Lyvely was founded in 2023 by tech and wellness entrepreneurs Farah Zafar and Dave Catudal.

As a SocialFi platform addressing the growing demands of the $470 billion creator economy, Lyvely enables digital creators ranging from celebrity influencers to coaches and online brands to access monetization features such as content memberships, paid communities and live stream shopping, creating a social e-commerce experience with a fully integrated payments system.

Talking about the company’s vision for $LVLY token, Dave Catudal, Co-founder & CXO of Lyvely, said, “The introduction of $LVLY Token is a testament to Lyvely’s commitment to empower creators to earn on their own terms and achieve more digital freedom. Our token greatly enhances the user experience and offers a more personalized creator-viewer ecosystem that is more thoughtful & mutually rewarding. With Lyvely, everyone can experience the benefits of SocialFi in the web3 economy, creating a new era of monetization and meaningful engagement.”

The $LVLY token comes with a host of in-platform utility, including purchases, tipping, and cash redemption, as well as token-gated access to exclusive communities, events and content drops from your favorite creators. Token holders can also unlock special discounts, bonus features and earn financial rewards as Lyvely’s ecosystem grows, making them stakeholders of this fast growing social platform.

“The potential of social media is limitless, yet the opportunities are limited for creators to tap into its inherent potential. At Lyvely, it’s our mission to back the ecosystem of creators by equipping them with a value-driven currency to build loyal communities and monetize from day one. We aim to make the $LVLY token the currency of social commerce while greatly simplifying various aspects of content sharing & user engagement for creators and users around the world,” Dave further added.

As a digital HQ and success launchpad for creators, Lyvely aims to address the fragmented nature of social media and online monetization, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for content creation, revenue optimization, and engagement. The $LVLY Token further amplifies this ecosystem, enabling creators to unlock new income streams and allowing viewers to participate in a more engaging and rewarding content consumption experience.


About Lyvely

Lyvely is a creator monetization platform building the future of online monetization for content creators, freelancers, businesses and digital entrepreneurs. Lyvely has been designed as a social networking platform and digital HQ that empowers people to think more entrepreneurially and monetize their content, skills, and passion. Creators can offer monthly memberships, build communities, live stream and sell, offer gigs and services, accept tips, earn from their content or as an affiliate, and do so much more. The company is based in the UAE, with Phoenix Group, an Abu Dhabi Exchange (ADX) listed multi-billion dollar tech conglomerate, recently acquiring 25% of the company. 

For details: get.lyvely.com

About Phoenix Group

Phoenix Group is a multi-billion-dollar tech powerhouse headquartered in the UAE, at the forefront of the blockchain, crypto, and tech revolution. Beyond the web3 sphere, they offer comprehensive solutions, boast a 765MW mining operation, and fuel growth through strategic partnerships and innovation. Phoenix Group operates nine mining facilities in the US, Canada, CIS, and the UAE, with each unique company operating in one of four distinct verticals: Mining, Hosting, Trading, and Investments. Phoenix Group PLC is the region's first privately owned crypto and blockchain conglomerate listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. It also runs the largest mining farm in the MENA region.

For details: https://phoenixgroupuae.com/