Republic of Liberia: Executive Mansion

President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr. has made public his assets declaration as part of his unwavering stand for transparency and aversion to corruption and graft.

The President said his action is in fulfilment of his commitment to upholding the Constitution and laws of Liberia, in addition to his dedication to fostering a culture of accountability, integrity, and good governance.

The President expressed his belief that by making his assets declaration publicly available, he is setting a compelling example for public officials and citizens alike, emphasizing the importance of accountability and ethical leadership.

The Liberian Leader said this move underscores his vision for a Liberia where honesty and integrity form the bedrock of governance and where the principles of fairness and justice guide the nation's progress.

He furthered that his decision to disclose his assets is a clear demonstration of his belief in leading by example and his determination to create a government that operates with the highest standards of integrity.

“Transparency not only strengthens public trust but also underscores unyielding dedication to rooting out corruption and fostering a climate of openness and accountability”, the Liberian Chief Executive declared.

The President reiterated the hope that in continuing to champion transparency and ethical conduct, his actions will serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all Liberians, signaling an era of responsible and conscientious leadership that is committed in the nation.

It can be recalled that the President declared his assets in the first few weeks following his inauguration.  

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