|26 April, 2017

Bayer Middle East highlights the need for pharmacists to have better engagement with consumers

Bayer brought together over 200 pharmacists and experts in industry to equip them with required skills.

Bayer Middle East highlights the need for pharmacists to have better engagement with consumers
26 April 2017
· In 2006, the WHO and the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) launched the concept of the seven-star pharmacists to meet the needs and demands of the healthcare system and encourage the development of pharmacist

· Pharmacists from Middle East countries including UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, KSA, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, Turkey & Romania attended the two day training workshops in Dubai

· Through interactive workshops conducted by industry experts, the pharmacists were prepared for better engagement with patients and consumers

· The workshops supported the idea of self-medication and sharing of best practices across the Middle East as well an emphasis on the digitalization of (Consumer Health products)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - For the fifth year running, Bayer Middle East organized a two day regional training for pharmacists from 11 countries. The aim of the workshop was to provide the pharmacist with the right skills needed when consulting patients and prepare pharmacists for better engagement with patients and consumers.

During the two day workshop, Bayer brought together over 200 pharmacists and experts in the industry to equip them with required skill set in order to achieve the seven- star concept. There was emphasis on the pharmacist’s responsibility to provide informed and objective advice on medicines and their use, and the encouragement of self-medication and recommending OTC products to help patients deal with their health issues. By asking their patients appropriate questions, pharmacists can identify when self-medication is appropriate or referral to a doctor is needed. By moving to OTC products the availability of effective drugs will only increase and cut the number of unnecessary visits to doctor, and enable people to care for themselves at home, at work, and on the go.

Pharmacists have an important role within the healthcare system, with their role becoming more patient centric and including the delivering of medication management, monitoring of drug utilization, health promotions, providing drug information and managing of the pharmacy. Further, pharmacists are also responsible to ensure the quality of medicines supplied to the patients are as per the government policies/regulation, and patient pharmaceutical education.

The Prestige Club, organized by Bayer Middle East, is a continuous initiative encouraging the sharing of best practices all over the Middle East which is part of Bayer Middle East’s Consumer Health mission. The club was first established as a way of empowering the future generation of pharmacists in the Middle East region and to excel in their roles as healthcare professionals in the healthcare continuum.

The workshops organized by Bayer Middle East provided a platform for pharmacists to come together and to interact with their colleagues from across the region and share their learnings and experiences as well hear from leading experts and their key insights.

It also provided training on how to be better and effective communicators when talking to patients, as in this region, pharmacists are often the first point of contact for patients and so it is vital for pharmacists to understand their patients’ needs. Pharmacists’ services and involvement in patient-centered care have been associated with improved health, economic outcomes, reduction in medicine-related adverse events, improved quality of life and reduced morbidity and mortality.

During the meeting, the 200 pharmacists were also educated about the digitalization of the OTC market which is becoming increasingly important for consumers who are seeking personalization and wellness and is changing the way pharmacist engage with patients through each touch point both  online and offline, helping to drive greater value beyond just a prescription.

Mohamed Galal, Vice President- Head of Consumer Health Division Bayer Middle East said during the training workshops ‘‘Bayer encourages the training of pharmacists to become experts as we understand their integral role when treating patients and supporting their care. We aim to continue to find new ways to develop pharmacists and be recognized as seven-star experts. Through ongoing partnerships with pharmacists, we can achieve the best level of patient care as well support pharmacist through the work that they do.’’

Over the course of the two days, the workshops were well received by those attending with many leaving with the eagerness to find out more on how to improve their skills and how to solve the challenges they are faced with.

Bayer Middle East remains committed to supporting and training pharmacists, addressing the challenges the pharmacists are faced with today and in turn, turning them into seven-star pharmacists.

In 2006, the WHO and the FIP launched the concept of the seven-star pharmacists to meet the needs and demands of the healthcare system. The role of managing drug therapy that pharmacists now make, is a vital contribution to patient care. To be an effective health care team member, pharmacists need the skills and attitude to enable them to assume the many different functions required of them. The concept of the “seven-star pharmacist” was introduced by the WHO to cover the following roles: caregiver, decision-maker, communicator, manager, life-long learner, teacher and leader. 


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