The Chargé d’Affaires of the US Embassy in Kuwait James Holtsnider affirmed that his country stands “distinctly” with the Security Council resolution No. 833 and with Kuwait’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In a press statement issued during his participation in an event held at the Saudi Embassy recently on the occasion of the 93rd National Day of Saudi Arabia, Holtsnider highlighted the meeting that brought together the Saudi Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Al-Abdullah and the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, on the sidelines of the recent meetings of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

He said, “It is great that they had the opportunity to have this meeting. It also gave Secretary Blinken the opportunity to participate in the Gulf-American meeting, which included the foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. The two sides discussed many regional issues, including the situation in Yemen, and about Khor Abdullah. The foreign ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the Secretary of State of the United States stressed the importance of Iraq’s commitment to Kuwait’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and respect for international agreements and United Nations resolutions.”

Holtsnider highlighted the meetings held by Kuwait’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Salem Al-Abdullah and his deputy Sheikh Jarrah Al-Jaber with a number of officials in the White House.

He indicated that his country stressed the importance of Iraq’s commitment to Security Council resolution No. 833 and respect for Kuwait’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and regional security.

Affirming that many meetings have been held, Holsnider highlighted the presence of the His Highness the Prime Minister, on behalf of His Highness the Amir, at the meetings of the United Nations General Assembly, in addition to the participation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Salem Al-Abdullah prior to his travel to China with the delegation accompanying His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad, as well as the participation of Deputy Minister Sheikh Jarrah Al-Jaber in those meetings.

He said, “They met with a number of American officials who all upheld the same message, which is that we stand with Kuwait. We are ready to support and assist it in the talks and negotiations with Iraq, in order to help reach a solution regarding the dispute over the maritime borders. We stand very distinctively with United Nations Security Council resolution No. 833 and with the territorial sovereignty and integrity of Kuwait”.

When asked about the presence of American mediation between the two sides, Holtsnider replied, “There are discussions with partners on both sides, with both Kuwait and Iraq. We want to be useful wherever possible, and we look forward to continuing private diplomatic talks with both countries”.

When asked about reports concerning a Kuwaiti-American military deal to repair the Patriot, he said, “Perhaps, but at the embassy level I do not have any information about this matter.”

In the context of the Saudi Embassy’s celebration of the Saudi National Day, Holtsnider said, “I am honored to participate in the celebration that confirms the close partnership between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. It is clear that the United States also enjoys close relations with both countries.”

He congratulated the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on this occasion, indicating that he was not surprised by the large turnout and the diplomatic, official and popular attendance to congratulate Saudi Arabia.

Holtsnider referred to what he described as “the wonderful work that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is doing in many different fields”.

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