NEW YORK - United Nations General assembly President Dennis Francis described on Monday the condition in Gaza as "catastrophic, unconscionable, and shameful."

Francis voiced his concern in his remarks "horrified at reported killing and injury of hundreds of people during disbursement of food supplies, west of Gaza City last week" when he was speaking at a debate on the 20th Feb US veto of a Security Council resolution on the Gaza crisis.

Francis emphasized, "countless communities have been decimated; countless families vanished" while citing the words of UN emergency relief coordinator, Martin Griffith "any ground operation in Rafah would leave an already fragile humanitarian operation at death's door".

Francis renewed calls for an immediate ceasefire, urging UN member states to "work much harder to immediately end this conflict" Francis also called for efforts towards a two-state solution.

Meanwhile, the alternate representative of the US for special political affairs in the UN Robert Wood said that his nation vetoed the resolution because it will not achieve permanent peace but rather make it more difficult.
Wood pointed to the purpose of his country's delegation, which is to urge the member states to not vote for the resolution, and warned that it may obstruct the ongoing efforts to reach an agreement for the hostage exchange and temporary ceasefire.

On April 2022, the UNGA adopted a resolution entitled "Standing mandate for a General Assembly debate when a veto is cast in the Security Council" giving the UNGA authority to investigate, debate, and comment on any veto cast by the five permanent members within 10 days.

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