The election campaign phase for candidates running for the Federal National Council (FNC) 2023 elections will commence on Monday, 11th September, as per the timetable approved by the National Election Committee (NEC).

According to the timetable, the campaign phase will last for 23 days, concluding on 3rd October, 2023. During this period, candidates will have the opportunity to express themselves, present their electoral programmes and engage in activities to persuade voters to choose them in the fifth cycle of FNC elections.

The NEC urged all candidates to adhere to the executive instructions for the elections, including regulations and campaign rules, as well as consider the penalties that may be imposed against violators, stressing the importance of reviewing the "Candidate and Voter Guide", which offers comprehensive answers to all election-related questions in a simplified and understandable format.

The NEC also encouraged candidates to apply for approval of their campaign plans through the website,, to obtain a license for their election campaign activities.

The application should include information about the candidate, the activities and events they intend to undertake, such as television advertisements, newspaper ads, meetings, and street banners, the number of planned events, their financial costs, and funding sources.

Candidates must also comply with the campaign regulations outlined in the executive instructions for the elections and the approved campaign plan. Afterwards, candidates should visit the headquarters of the Emirate Committee to which they belong to submit their campaign plan and obtain approval from the committee before opening their campaign offices.

Comprehensive information about the 2023 FNC elections is available on the NEC’s website,, and its mobile application, National Election Committee – UAENEC, on Apple App Store and Google Play. Information is also available on the committee's social media pages or via its WhatsApp service through the number, +600500005.