H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, said via the direct line programme on Monday that the cattle project that will be launched in Sharjah has no equivalent in the world.

He stressed that “the cows project”, which will be launched in Sharjah, will include cows that have not been distributed in any country in the world. Sharjah will be the first to receive them, which are of a new type of protein called A2A2, along with 18 features and a unique recipe not found in other cows, and the year after, we will see their products.

The Ruler of Sharjah added, “By the grace of Allah, this milk will not have any of its benefits reduced, unlike some milks that have their benefits taken for the production of other products. We will offer consumers the milk as it is, just like the milk taken directly from the cow, without any intervention or reduction in its components. Consumers can even make butter from this milk as if they had received it directly from the cow. These outstanding projects are not commercial, but their goal is to ensure human health. We have many projects that serve this goal, and God willing, the central region will become exemplary.”

He said, “Education in the Emirate of Sharjah reaches people wherever they are and provides them with beautiful facilities that encourage them to study. We do not wait for people to come to education. Thanks to Allah, we have completed all the facilities at the University of Khor Fakkan, which will be opened next year. The university will include anatomy and sports science and has been equipped to provide the highest educational services. It includes a distinguished group of trainers and athletes with theoretical and practical teaching facilities. The university also has a group of air-conditioned restaurants that can be accessed from inside or outside the campus. Additionally, it includes a sports centre in Jebel Deem and can accommodate unlimited male and female students. Thanks to God, we have also reached an agreement regarding the College of Health Education after conducting interviews with four universities.”

"Tomorrow, God willing, we will sign two agreements with two British universities for the University of Al Dhaid, one for the College of Agriculture and the other for the College of Veterinary Sciences," the Ruler of Sharjah mentioned. We also have a seed centre at Al Dhaid as part of the Desert Sciences Centre, a research facility separate from the University of Al Dhaid. God willing, the University of Al Dhaid will open one year after the establishment of Kalba University. We plan to add a significant project, a research centre, to the University of Khor Fakkan. We have signed a contract with a contractor to develop the project, and this centre will house researchers from all over the world."