KUWAIT - Kuwaiti nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have always been playing a significant role in serving the society, addressing its problems and monitoring political events and public activities, including election observation.

The Kuwaiti cabinet has recently asked several NGOs to partake in watching the country's forthcoming parliamentary elections due on June, only out of its commitment to ensuring fair and transparent elections.

In this context, Kuwait Journalists Association Chairman Adnan Al-Rashed said that the cabinet had recently entrusted the association, among others, with watching the next vote in a highly commended step.

In a statement to KUNA, he boasted that his agency has been one of the effective tools and means of observing parliamentary elections in the country since mid-1960s. The cabinet's positive and praiseworthy move reflects the state's confidence in Kuwaiti national organizations and their national role.

Al-Rashed also spoke highly of the government's decision to increase the number of NGOs participating in the observation of the National Assembly (parliament) as clear evidence of the significant national role and efforts of civil society organizations, For his part, Chairman of Kuwait's National Nazaha Society Mohammad Al-Otaibi said that NGOs' involvement in watching the forthcoming vote is of paramount significance at both local and international levels.

This unquestionably shows further transparency and fairness and bespeaks that Kuwait is a "state of institutions and law", he said, adding that the decision is mainly aimed at keeping a close eye on potential electoral flaws.

However, he called on all eligible voters to flow en masse to nationwide polling stations, given that the international community would monitor and follow up on the democratic race.

Also speaking to KUNA, Chairman of Kuwait Transparency Society Majid Al-Mutairi said the ultimate goal of NGOs' election observation is not only to ensure clean and fair elections, but also to assess the democratic situation and improve Kuwait's ranking in relevant international indicators.

He added that his agency would conduct various reports about all the stages of the electoral process, including ballot centers, candidates' discourse and electoral atmospheres in general.

Chairman of the Kuwaiti Parliament Performance Follow-up Society Nasser Al-Shelemi said his body's role in observing the next vote due on June 6 reflects the government's belief in the significance and role of national civil society organizations.

The cabinet's recent decision would definitely lead to the actual application of the principles of genuine partnership, and integrity and transparency criteria to the democratic process.

Minister of Social Affairs and Women and Children's Affairs Mai Al-Baghli said on Monday that the cabinet had decided to allow national NGOS to watchdog the forthcoming electoral race.

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