The Israeli army said Friday that an undisclosed number of aid trucks were allowed to enter Gaza a day earlier through a newly opened crossing in the Palestinian territory's north.

"The first food aid trucks entered through the new northern crossing from Israel into Gaza yesterday," the Israeli agency that oversees supplies into the territory, COGAT, said on X.

A video the agency released in the tweet showed military vehicles and at least one truck laden with pallets full of tightly wrapped white bags entering Gaza.

"The trucks underwent thorough security checks by the security authorities of the Land Crossings Authority of the Ministry of Defence at the Kerem Shalom crossing, and were accompanied by IDF (army) soldiers," the Israeli army said in a separate statement.

Despite repeated AFP requests for comment, Israeli authorities did not disclose how many trucks entered Thursday nor the exact location of the new crossing, which Israeli media reported to be close to the Zikim kibbutz.

For months, aid groups and foreign governments, including top ally the United States, have urged Israel to reopen border crossings into the north of Gaza, where the humanitarian crisis is at its most severe.

In early March, the Israeli military reported trucks had entered Gaza through another crossing two kilometres (1.2 miles) south of Gaza City, known as Gate 96. The pilot project was not extended.