A new batch of tickets for Asia Cup's India-Pakistan cricket match in Dubai is on sale as of 10am today, Wednesday, August 17. A new condition has, however, been added to buying the ticket, organisers said.

"Please note that according to the organisers, India-Pakistan tickets will now be available only in packages with other matches," ticketing partner for the tournament, Platinum List, said.

This means that fans would need to buy tickets to other matches to get a pass to the game between the sporting rivals. The India-Pakistan match will be played on August 28 at the Dubai International Stadium.

Anticipating an "extremely high demand", the ticketing platform has set up a first come, first served purchase policy. This means fans have to get in an online queue, depending on when they log in to the website.

Fans who queued up on the website are facing waiting times of over an hour.

The first batch of tickets for the match between the sporting rivals got sold out in under three hours on Monday. Several fans waited for hours in vain to get a ticket.

Some people are trying to make a quick buck by reselling the tickets on classifieds websites.

Platinum List has warned that tickets from resellers are “automatically cancelled”. Reselling tickets is illegal according to government regulations, the platform says on its website.

“Customers are advised not to purchase Platinumlist-branded tickets resold through so-called secondary ticketing websites or online selling sites as it is possible the ticket may not be valid for entry or will be cancelled.”