The AI Everything summit, the world's first government-led AI summit taking place in GITEX global 2022, hosted Maya Bridgeman, one of the young ambassadors for coding chosen by CodersHQ.

The young ambassador discussed in two sessions the importance of engaging and educating global youth to diversify Ai industry and ways to overcome challenges to ensure proactivity and continuity in digitisation.

The session was organised as part of GITEX Global 2022, the largest global technology gathered to showcase technology and the achievements in AI, held from 10-14 October at the Dubai World Trade Centre, with the participation of international companies showcasing their success stories and the latest technological developments and updates.

Maya shared her experience in establishing the Dubai AI Society two years ago that grew into a thriving community of over 1,000 like-minded, driven students across four continents. The community is launching initiatives targeting youth across the globe with different backgrounds, age groups and skill levels to create diversification in industries Artificial intelligence, sharing global ideas, and developing passion. “My goal is to diversify the AI industry to exponentially increase innovation with solutions representative of the entire global population," she said.

The 17-year-old talked about the global challenges young people face from different countries around the world and the importance of paving the way for more opportunities to learn about artificial intelligence, working on innovative solutions to make that happen, and increasing the number of coders and AI experts in all countries internationally. "This is the way to enable us as youth, learn the mechanisms of artificial intelligence and unleash our passion in this field.”

She noted the growing desire beginners have to learn more about Ai and the importance to embrace fragmented learning to ensure a clear foundation, be proactive to challenges and enter this promising world of futuristic technology, which affects all areas of life, including human, advanced sciences, and sustainability.

Maya then shared her experience that built up her personality by conducting workshops for youth at the Expo 2020 Dubai and her position as a youth ambassador to promote artificial intelligence locally.